The Truth About This Whole Remote-Work and Travel Thing

Digital nomad traveling and learning about local culture in Jordan

So, things at Hacker Paradise are pretty deep at the moment. Super reflective and stuff. Our fourth birthday has recently passed, and as with any milestone like this, we are wine-in-hand, semi-soberly expressing gratitude for what got us here. In this case, it’s our peeps — our wonderful community of diverse and eclectic global citizens […]

Welcome to your adult semester abroad — Thailand Edition!

Hacker Paradise Participants relaxing on a beach in Thailand

So, you’re thinking about starting your digital nomad journey and have no idea where to even begin. You’ve spent years dreaming of working from a location that had more than a view of Karen’s office (darn’t Karen, GET SOME NEW ART). Maybe you just went through a breakup, maybe you just have this gut feeling […]

Hacker Paradise: Life After the Trip

Remote workers on a boat in Italy as Hacker Paradise alumni

Joining Hacker Paradise just for the trip is like going on The Bachelor to find true love. (Especially during Arie’s season. Woof.) You don’t just do it for the now. You do it for the after.  Sure BEING on the Bachelor is game changing; you get to get the eff out of Tampa, quit your […]

Nomading Unravelled: How A Digital Nomad Trip Changed My Career Trajectory

Remote worker on sailboat in Lesbos, Greece on a windy day

I stepped onto the Lesvos tarmac in mid-May 2018 as a fully employed Quality Assurance Coordinator who, five months prior, had just scored her first location independent job. With the aim of absorbing my job’s learning curve with minimal impact, I had delayed balancing work and travel as a digital nomad by staying in my […]