4 years of HP: How to go remote by those who are remote

Digital nomad types on laptop in the coworking space

We asked our wonderful alumni community to answer four questions: 1 – How did you create the opportunity for yourself to work remotely? 2 – How do you sustain working remotely? 3 – Why do you work remotely? 4 – Your top piece of advice for someone who wants to work remotely but doesn’t know […]

How to Work Remotely Sustainably

Remote workers work at coworking space in Koh Lanta, Thailand

 Jacob Laukitis, founder of http://www.benomad.co/, talks to us about maintaining the remote work lifestyle through managing expectations, suitable career choices and seizing opportunities in online industries. You can also download Jacob’s free ebook ’29 Proven Ways to Quit the 9-5 and Become a Digital Nomad’ at http://www.benomad.co/quit-9-5/ Transcription Dale: Joining me today is Jacob […]

Why Improv is for Everyone

 Abhishek Sarihan talks to us about improv, how it has had a positive influence on his life and the benefits of embracing your ‘goofy’ side. This talk is accompanied by a live performance with Ravi Ram at Coworkite in Blouberg, Cape Town. Read more about Abhi’s journey with improv via Following the Fear.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet and How Does it Work?

Night life, energy, and color at an intersection in Taipei, Taiwan

Felix Gläske goes back to cryptocurrency basics, explaining to us what a wallet is, why we use it and the technology behind it. Bitcoin is used as the predominant focus throughout.

Getting Up to Speed on Crypto

Learning while on the road

Matt Condon talks to us in depth about the technology behind cryptography, an overview of cryptocurrencies with a particular focus on Etherium, and the positives and negatives of cryptogaphy moving forward. Synopsis: 00:00 – ‘Give us an intro of yourself and how you got into Crypto’ 1:25 – ‘Give us a brief overview and history […]

We’re heading to the Arctic Circle this fall! (April Fools)

Calling nomads from across the globe… Pack your bags and plenty of thermals because… We’re heading to the Arctic this fall! The Arctic is well-known for its white complexity, bitterly polar weather, and popularity with nature programs. We’ll be spending 12 weeks there, so you’ll have all the time in the world to discover and […]