Budapest — Why there's nowhere else to be in July than with us




Budapest: Why there’s nowhere else to be in July

Late nights. Warm nights. Festival delights. Budapest is THE place to be in July and the fact that one of our facilitators is a Hungarian local is just icing on the cake. (Or soda in your fröccs. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you.)


Budapest in July. Come for the festivals, stay for literally everything else.

The bridges could not be more beautiful. The public transit could not be easier. The ruin pubs could not be more epic. Do you still need more reasons to join us in Budapest July 7 – Aug 3? Okay, here we go!

Our facilitator Kitti is OG Budapest.

There’s nothing better than doing it with a local. And in a country with this many vowels: a-á-e-é-i-í-o-ó-ö-ő-u-ú-ü-ő – we are so lucky to have her! Plus, she’s a music festival, nature, and outdoorsy lover who knows where to hide out in nature within the city. She will be your festival partner or climb with you to the Fisherman’s Bastion for breathtaking views of Budapest. She also knows all the local startups and tech companies. Networking abroad? Won’t be a problem!


We’re already planning to spend a weekend on Lake Balaton, sailing around and visiting wineries.

You read that right. Just a short drive west of Budapest is the famous Lake Balaton, home to many festivals, many wineries, and many sailing aficionados. One weekend we are going to close our laptops, put away our phones, and enjoy nature and grape juice sailing away on the lake.


Do you even festival, bro?

Summer in Budapest is a who’s who of music. Ziggy Marley, Iggy Pop, Thirty Seconds to Mars and so many more will be there performing at some of the best European music festivals like Valley of the Arts, VeszprémFest, and Ozora. And even if festivals aren’t your thing, there are concerts in Budapest every Thursday night at the famous and gorgeous St. Stephen’s Basilica. You can also party to late night DJs in the 19th-century thermal baths in the appropriately nicknamed SPArties. Do you get to do that in Boise?

What are you waiting for? Schedule a 15 min chat with us to discuss joining us!


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Moneyback Guarantee for the HP Community

We’re so confident in our community that we’re offering a money back guarantee on it.


The decision to request money back must be taken between the end of the first and second week after being an active member in our community. This is to give enough time to see if the program and community meet the expectations. The participant needs to actively attend events (at least 3 events per week). Qualifying official HP Events are

  • Monday Lunch
  • Goals Setting Sessions
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  • Potluck

To set in motion, you need to both verbalize to the facilitators in charge and via email to [email protected] how and why we didn’t meet your expectations.


After following the steps above, we will calculate and refund your money. We will process back 1200 USD for a 4 week period, 2400 USD if you signed up for an 8 week period. You will be expected to leave the housing after the end of the initial two week period. You will receive a full refund for the trips that are more than 8 weeks into your initial start date.


This guarantee applies to dissatisfaction with the HP community on trip and other factors such as housing or weather will not be taken into consideration. 

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