Thinking of joining a work-travel program, but “it’s so much cheaper to travel alone”…?


So you want to join Hacker Paradise. Maybe.  But it’s crossed your mind that “it’s so much cheaper to travel alone or work from home”. Well, it’s time you hear about where the real value of Hacker Paradise (HP) lies, from the people that know best. We asked four ladies who lunch… (and climb mountains to watch […]

Hacker Paradise: Life After the Trip

Remote workers on a boat in Italy as Hacker Paradise alumni

Joining Hacker Paradise just for the trip is like going on The Bachelor to find true love. (Especially during Arie’s season. Woof.) You don’t just do it for the now. You do it for the after.  Sure BEING on the Bachelor is game changing; you get to get the eff out of Tampa, quit your […]

4 years of HP: How to go remote by those who are remote

Digital nomad types on laptop in the coworking space

We asked our wonderful alumni community to answer four questions: 1 – How did you create the opportunity for yourself to work remotely? 2 – How do you sustain working remotely? 3 – Why do you work remotely? 4 – Your top piece of advice for someone who wants to work remotely but doesn’t know […]

Why Remote Work Is The Best Perk

Remote workers in Cape Town, South Africa work on their laptops in the coworking space

It’s almost six pm in Cape Town on a warm evening in October, and Abhishek is just getting to work. A senior product manager at a mid-sized startup in San Francisco, he’s collaborating with a teammate to put the finishing touches on a product spec, flipping between Google Docs, a screenshare tool and Slack to […]

10 Tips on How to Integrate in the Hacker Paradise Community

Here I am, less than 24h in Bogotà before flying to Brazil tonight. I joined Hacker Paradise as a Trip Facilitator a little bit over one month ago in Medellin. What a ride, I still remember the excitement and the anxiety of starting a new adventure. When I joined HP on January the 5th, I […]

10 Questions to Ask before Signing Up for a Remote Work & Travel Program

Signing up for a remote work program can be a big commitment and there are a lot of options out there these days. How are you supposed to know which one is right for you? I’ve been running Hacker Paradise for the last two years. I love it. We have an incredible group of people […]

A Look Back at 2017 – A Year of Growth and Firsts for Us!

Remote workers sit in a life-sized nest in Bali, Indonesia

The Cape Town and Phnom Penh Hacker Paradise trips have wrapped up nicely and that means that the end of the year is just around the corner! 2017, where’d you go? I’m still trying to get my head around it. This year has been so enormous for all of us here at Hacker Paradise, not […]

Under the Hood of Hacker Paradise

Remote workers in a buggy exploring outside Montevideo, Uruguay

Bringing some clarity to the work that goes into running a trip. A lot of people have asked what happens behind the scenes at Hacker Paradise and what goes into running one of these trips. “Why aren’t you more transparent?” they say. “Why aren’t you more like Buffer?” Transparency is a little scary, but we […]

Why You Should Move Your Social Venture to Cebu City, Philippines

Remote workers can help and learn from each other.

This serial entrepreneur thinks Cebu could become the next hub for social enterprise Ravi Agarwal is no stranger to the startup game. He started his first Internet company in Boston in 1997, and has since had several successful exits, including an IPO. After a few years in San Francisco, he wanted more meaning in his […]

This is How We Get Ants

Lessons Learned Throwing a Hacker Retreat in Costa Rica It’s been just over two weeks since Hacker Paradise (our programming retreat in Costa Rica) came to a close. Participants came from over 10 different countries and had a ton of fun while working on some really cool projects, ranging from a Django-powered site for finding […]