A (not so) Typical Day at Hacker Paradise

I get asked a lot what a typical day at Hacker Paradise looks like. The short answer is your day isn’t typical at all. Instead of working from your couch, you’re working from a posh coworking space or a Hello Kitty cafe Instead of feeding your dog, you’re washing an elephant Instead of shoveling snow solo, you’re shoveling […]

You just upgraded your Bucket List: Hello Taiwan


So. We’re going to Taipei. @Hacker Paradise: WHY DO I WANT TO GO TO TAIPEI? WE’RE SO GLAD YOU ASKED. Ever dreamed of having your fortune told by a bird? Getting your caffeine fix in the form of a tea tasting in a forest? Eating at a hello kitty themed café?  We are proud to […]

Digital Nomad Ergonomics : How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Remote workers on laptops at rooftop pool in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Just because you’re a nomad doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a life of hunching over your laptop and to having carpal tunnel syndrome. With a few small changes to your workspace and your routine, you can have a great set-up and a healthy body, despite earning your living from staring at a […]

How Hacker Paradise Helped Me Grow My Business

Digital nomads learn at Korean language workshop in Seoul, Korea

When I started my freelance content writing business two years ago, I thought I’d be a smarty pants about it and get a part-time job so I could pay the bills while I built my portfolio and client base. That plan worked great for a while, until one day I realized my business wasn’t really […]

How to Work Remotely Sustainably

Remote workers work at coworking space in Koh Lanta, Thailand

 Jacob Laukitis, founder of http://www.benomad.co/, talks to us about maintaining the remote work lifestyle through managing expectations, suitable career choices and seizing opportunities in online industries. You can also download Jacob’s free ebook ’29 Proven Ways to Quit the 9-5 and Become a Digital Nomad’ at http://www.benomad.co/quit-9-5/ Transcription Dale: Joining me today is Jacob […]

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely

Remote workers discuss side projects at the coworking space

You know what’s great? Being a digital nomad and seeing the world. You know what sucks? Worrying about whether you have enough money for the month because chasing down late payments from halfway around the world is really, really difficult. Even the best clients are sometimes uncommunicative or late to pay and both issues are a […]

Group vs Solo Travel: What’s Right For You?

Remote worker community pose for photo on boat in Florianopolis, Brazil

There is no “right” way to be a digital nomad. There is only the right way for you to nomad, and that way can and will change as your needs and wants change. Some people start their nomad life with an organized group travel program and others start out solo. Whether you’re just starting out […]

Hacker Paradise – Tokyo Drift

When we first arrived in Tokyo, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect. We were excited to see a whole new culture few of us had explored before. We never really truly realized what we would find. It’s hard to think of a city we’ve been to so far that has been as electric as […]

Barcelona Highlights

Barcelona is known for three things: beach, culture, and nightlife. Coincidentally, our first week in Barcelona coincided with Running of the Bulls, and a few of the more adventurous members of our group joined in: We quickly settled into our new home at Betahaus, Barcelona. It’s a cool space with a good vibe, but the […]

Tallinn: The Hidden (startup) Gem of Europe

Historic architecture in city center of Tallinn, Estonia

After 4 lovely weeks in Tallinn, the Hacker Paradise team has officially dubbed it the hidden gem of Europe. When we arrived, we were greeted by 20 hours of sunlight, affordable food, and a gorgeous medieval town. We have spent our days working out of Garage48, the coworking space home to dozens of prior Skype […]