Choose A Life You Won’t Need Vacations From

Look up from your laptop and make a mental note of what you see. Now we don’t want to brag, but when we look up from our work, we see a Thai beach, an Israeli man selling aromatic spices, or a mariachi band boldly leading a local wedding procession through the streets of Mexico City. Why work from an office or even from home, when there is a whole world out there to explore in between conference calls and Trello board updates?

Hacker Paradise is a remote work and travel community for people who want to break free from conventional life and embrace adventure; for people that are interested in curating lives that they don’t need a vacation from! Every month we call a new destination home, living, working and adventuring differently. Some join for 2 weeks, others for a full year, and most come back for more than one trip.

“Hacker Paradise is always a great group of people, and I’ve been 8 times I love it so much! I get to explore cities like Ubud, which I wouldn’t normally go to.” — Jay Meistrich, Entrepreneur, USA


We all know how the traditional life cycle goes: study for years → work hard for decades → pay off a mortgage for more decades → retire and finally have a little time to do what makes you happy. Hard pass. At Hacker Paradise, we believe that a different life path should be available to others like us who are seeking more than traditional employment incentives or acquiring material goods. People who are seeking meaningful experiences while in their working prime, not after.

By capitalizing on advancements in technology and the rise of remote work around the world, we are able to offer this alternative. Escape the cubicle conveyor belt and join us as we work remotely from all corners of the world, with people that are equal amounts weird and wonderful.

“I love how in HP you can make genuine and lasting connections across cultures, professions, ages, life values, languages, and just in general with people you would probably never meet in your “normal” life.” – Kaisu Koskela, Researcher, Finland

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We’re all seeking out that “best life” that we see on the Gram, or on travel ads that follow us around online (the irony is not lost on us); a life where we are accomplished in our careers, surrounded by cool, interesting people that uplift us, traveling the world and living experiences that wouldn’t have made it to our bucket lists, because who knew this sh$t even happened? But all of this takes time and effort when juggling the work-life-travel balance we are all striving for. And that’s where Hacker Paradise comes in to handle and plan it all for you.

We vet the best destinations, organize great coliving and coworking spaces, and facilitate local events and workshops. Your two on-trip facilitators are prepared for all potential issues (or romantic crises) which means you can focus on what matters most: being productive and building the project or career you’ve always dreamed of as you travel the world with a built-in support system.

“I was nervous about balancing productivity and fun while traveling abroad, but the HP community provides a perfect balance of structure and spontaneity. What really makes the whole thing work is the people.” — Sib Mahapatra, Entrepreneur & Writer, USA

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More than anything, Hacker Paradise is about finding your peeps. And those people don’t disappear after the trip ends. 75% of our participants come on multiple trips, and even travel or work together in between. Whatever your journey is, know that with us, you’ll have a crew beside you saying, “jump!”, “don’t stress”, “I can help you with a new design for that”, “reply with a meme”, “if you do it, I’ll do it”, and “just one more Caipirinha”.

“HP feels like one big extended family of awesome, like-minded people, and there’s always something fun going on to get involved with. If you told me this time last year that I would be midnight skinny-dipping with sparkling plankton on a paradise island in the middle of December, it would have made the rain and snow a lot easier to deal with.”  — Maaike Klein, Growth Hacker & Editor, UK

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