Spend your Summer in Playa del Carmen with Hacker Paradise!

Spend Your Summer In Playa Del Carmen Without Taking PTO

White sandy beaches. Turquoise water. Whale sharks. Sea turtles. Diverse cenotes. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Authentically Temazcal. Eastern Standard Time Zone. 2 hr flight from the US. We can go on and on about Playa del Carmen!

Playa del Carmen is the spot to be this summer. We should know, we were there last year and loved it so much we are going back. Here are the six questions you should ask yourself before deciding to spend 2, 4, or 6 weeks with us on the Yucatan Peninsula!


Do you even snorkel, bro?

Whale shark season is right smack dab in the middle of our time in Playa making it the perfect time to dive! If you’re not certified yet, don’t worry — there’s plenty of places to get certified and people to do it with. We’ve even had people do it as their donut buddy date! (#donutbuddy is a weekly random pairing we do for one-on-one time with other participants in the group to get to know each other. You can do something easy like grab a coffee, donut, or drink, or something more challenging like paragliding or getting scuba certified together)

And if you prefer to stay closer to the surface, you’re in luck — so do the whale sharks so you can totally see them (and their manta ray friends) while snorkeling!

Do you like conservation in the form of taking care of lil mama turtles and their baby eggs?

Last year, a highlight of our group’s time in Mexico was spending a full day monitoring turtles coming to lay eggs near the water. If they were too close to the ocean or too close to other nests we would move them. If they were good to go, we’d weigh, measure, tag, and report on the turtle. Then when the baby turtles hatched we helped them make it to the sea (note: encouraging cheering does help). It was super fun, fulfilling, and at times, funny!


You wanna see water every shade of blue possible?

You didn’t know these shades exist until you go to Holbox Island. Trust us. It’s the bluest water you’ll ever see. These photos don’t do it justice, but they also don’t hurt.

There are hammocks on every beach, everywhere. The water is insanely blue, warm, and shallow so you can chill in the water all day or night – it’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset! Hop on a boat, slip into a hammock, snap a pic of a flamingo, nosh on some fresh seafood, all in a chill internetless moment of gorgeous blue.


Ever wanted to casually drop the word ‘Cenote’ into a conversation?

The Yucatan peninsula where Playa del Carmen is situated is known to have the world’s most widespread range of underwater sinkholes and caves. These are called cenotes and there are so many you can go cenote hopping, although last year we usually stuck to 1-2 at a time.

Have to keep strict US hours?

The fact that Playa is in the EST makes it a breeze to keep normal hours for your boss back home and still be able to come to all our extracurricular events including the numerous sunsets at the beach AND from our rooftop pool. Did we mention the beach is a 5 min walk from both our accommodations AND coworking? That makes for easy access on quick breaks between meetings. Yes, please.


Health conscious?

While it’s hard to stay completely vegan or even vegetarian in some parts of the world, there is no problem in Playa. There is amazing vegan and vegetarian food in the area and yoga studios are plentiful if that’s also your thing. The catch of the day style seafood with fresh toppings also contributes to the health conscious. In Playa del Carmen there really is something for everyone.

Want in? Schedule a 15 min chat with us to discuss joining us!


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