Why Santiago, Chile, is the can't-miss destination to round out your 2019




Why Santiago, Chile, is your can’t-miss destination of 2019

Santiago was voted the #1 TRAVEL DESTINATION by Lonely Planet.

Have you heard? Santiago, Chile is the top destination of 2018 for one of the best known travel publications! That’s definitely a reason we put it to our Hacker Paradise Bucket List, and here are a few more if you’re not already convinced.


Non-stop flights galore from SIX major US cities. Really.

Did you know Santiago is only an 8.5-hour flight from Miami?

It’s only 9.5 hours from Atlanta, Houston, or Dallas.

And only 10.5 from NYC.

Los Angeles? 11.5.

All non-stop.

What could be easier? Pair this with the fact Santiago is only one hour ahead of the east coast time zone and you can schedule a meeting or call with coworkers or clients back home as if you are in the next room over.


Side-trips to drool over

Get your work done during the week from our 24/7 co-working that is a mere 10-minute walk from your private accommodations. Plus on weekends, you’ll have a variety of incredible weekend trips at your disposal. Because of its unique position, Santiago is close to the beach, the mountains, the desert, and scenic wine country. This means it’s the perfect launch point for all your weekend adventures.

Patagonia! Atacama Desert! Easter Island!

Due to the fact that we are in Santiago for 6 weeks, from Nov 3 – Dec 21, there’s plenty of time to do them all. Not to mention the 2-3 corporate holidays that US citizens enjoy during this time definitely allows you to maximize your time in Chile!


The food and wine scene is not to be underestimated

Ever wonder why when you run into a grocery store on your way to a dinner party you usually grab a Chilean Malbec? It’s because it’s sturdy, dependable, and a price performer. In addition, it’s produced in one of the most popular wine regions in the world. Need we say more? Now is definitely the time to visit and taste it IRL.


As Chile’s culinary epicenter, Santiago’s food scene is not to be missed. Seriously. Locally grown and sourced ingredients paired with the catch of the day from the lengthy Chilean coastline means you eat fresh and authentic every day. Our mouth waters when we think about it!

If easy access to a reliable remote-work base, breathtaking sites, and delicious food and drinks are what you look for, look no further. Grab a time to chat with us about our community in Santiago, Chile! Work and travel with us for 2- 6 weeks between November 3rd and December 21st.

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