Experience Something New in Buenos Aires

September 9 - November 3, 2018

Welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Theme: Architecture & Design

Learn so much about the past and present, via the stunning architecture, and the future via the startup scene and all the fascinating projects they’re working on in Argentina’s illustrious capital city. Oh, and come the end of the day, you’ve got a city packed to the rafters with mouthwatering food, delicious wine and passionate dancing to enjoy well into the night!

an international blend of

With a mix of Latin American and European influences, Buenos Aires is the cultural, political, economic – and gastronomic! — metropolis of Argentina. Bite into a world-renowned Argentinian steak, but don’t forget the chimichurri sauce and follow it up with some delicious ice cream that is allegedly creamier than Italian gelato.

get by success

Need some creativity? Go see at show at one of the best opera houses in the world or drink some mate while exploring intricate and provocative street art.

Need some business advice? Network with the most robust entrepreneurial and tech ecosystem in Latin America.

a whole new world

Want to explore? Visit the nearby wine country, springboard to the picturesque mountains in Patagonia, or go penguin watching in Ushuaia as you launch on an expedition to Antarctica.

What's Included

stay close to the

We’re negotiating with housing in a great location next to the coworking space and close to the bars, restaurants, parks, gyms, grocery stores, etc. in town for you to easily visit.

Sicily Housing, 2017
Valencia Housing 2018

say no to

We’ve outgrown staying in hostels and sharing shitty rooms with strangers. With us, you’ll have your own room in nice accommodations with good wifi and the amenities you’ll need to stay healthy, happy, and productive. 

work & travel

Working remotely doesn’t mean you always have to feel like you’re bouncing around and living out of a suitcase. Get ready to hang up your clothes, set up your Nintendo Switch, and put your feet up – you’re home!

Cape Town Housing, 2017


Get work done
Coworking for Playa del Carmen Trip, 2018

get stuff

Why commute to work when you can take a leisurely stroll down a tree-lined street and stop at your favorite cafe on the way. We choose to work at coworking spaces within a 15-minute walk to our housing so you can easily make it back and forth.

no wifi,

Most important thing to us when selecting a coworking space is the wifi. Without it, none of us can do our work. You can expect to have consistent, great wifi in addition to the other things you might need to stay productive like a place to take calls, nice ergonomic chairs and desks, nicely lit spaced, and more. 

Coworking for Mexico City Trip, 2018
Diverse & Exciting
Hacker Paradise Crew in Lesvos, Greece created a website for the "Healing Lesvos" Charity

be than a tourist

The other big thing we look at is community. We don’t want to be a group of foreigners working in our own bubble. We try to incorporate into the local scene the best we can through holding events with local individuals, business, NGOs, and government organizations so we make meaningful connections while we are there. Get ready to move past being just a tourist in a location.

our things you have to do in Buenos Aires

Recoleta: If you think it’s weird that a cemetery can be one of the city’s main attraction, you clearly have not been to Recoleta! Only presidents, military heroes, influential politicians and the rich and famous have made it past the gates here.

Niceto Club hosts an iconic Thursday night event comprising everything from techno music to cabaret to break-dancers. Don’t try to show up to a nightclub before at least 2am, though – they’ll be empty until then.

Café Tortoni: Swing by for a café con leche and medialuna (local croissant) or a submarino (warm milk and chocolate for dipping). A known hangout of the great tango dancer Carlos Gardel, this  has been a meeting place for scholars and artists since it opened in 1858.

Don Julio Parrilla: We apologize to the vegetarians for this one, but you can’t visit BA and not eat an Argentinean steak. Don Julio is one of the most popular destination for classic steaks, local dishes & a long wine list in an intimate ambiance.

Feria de San Telmo: Nestled in one of the most beautiful and oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, the San Telmo Flea Market is bustling with unique artisans and antiques every Sunday. At night there’s a milonga where you can see people dancing tango in the street.

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The Dream Team

Troubleshooting, rose-drinking, karaoke-singing, and all-round superheroes, our kick-ass support staff are destined to become your new BFFs.

Renata Aquino

Renata Aquino

Renata co-founded two businesses in Brazil and a social project focused on startups. Passionate about building communities and collaborative environments, she’s been working in this space for eight years before becoming a Trip Leader for Hacker Paradise. She chases summer around the world on a quest to find the best ice cream.

Dani Dirks

Dani Dirks

Dani Dirks is a software developer, avid adventurer, sunset chaser, and purveyor of mischief. Before joining Hacker Paradise, Dani was a full-stack developer and UX designer for Build.com, an online home improvement company in Northern California. In her free time she writes and performs her own music, is the queen of HP karaoke and is strongly addicted to iced coffee, science fiction novels, and Bikram yoga.

It is very inspiring to be part of a community of open-minded people, who are willing to share their knowledge and hearts with you. Hacker Paradise is very well put together, and the facilitators do a great job managing it.

Niels De Hoog, HP Alumni

What This Trip Includes

We've got all the perks to make you feel happy, healthy, and productive on your work and travel journey.

Hand-selected Community

Hand-selected Community

Our participants come from a diverse and exciting range of backgrounds and careers. These people will support, engage and inspire you – and some will become lifelong friends.​

Great Accomodation

Great Accommodation

We secure attractive, serviced housing in safe and central locations. You’ll have your own clean and spacious room to unwind in after a long day’s work.​

Solid Wifi & Sim card

Solid WiFi and Sim Cards

Always feel connected no matter where you are. We'll set you up with a sim card full of data for the duration of your time with us.​

Professional Development Program

Professional Development

We organize weekly workshops, talks, skill shares, goal sharing sessions, and networking events to help you up your professional game and achieve your goals.

Productivity-ready Workspace

Productivity-ready Workspace

We lockdown the best co-working spaces in the world to make boring Monday mornings a thing of the past. 24/7 access, lightspeed wifi and cool digital nomads from all over the world guaranteed.​

Full-Time Facilitators

Kick Ass Full-Time Facilitators

Troubleshooting, rose-drinking, karaoke-singing, all-round superheroes, our kick-ass support staff are destined to become your new BFFs. Your source of insider-knowledge on every trip, they research, organize and plan so that you don’t need to look at Lonely Planet once.​

Alumni Network

Top-notch Alumni Network

The networking doesn’t end when the trip is over. You’ll become a member of a huge professional community who’ll keep you in the loop about collaborations, job opportunities, travel meetups and much more.​

Cultural Adventures

Cultural Adventures

What are you into? From temple visits, sunrise hikes and paradise island getaways to wine tastings, night markets, walking tours and cooking classes (and that’s a partial list), there’s always something going on.​

Hacker Paradise closed the gap between idea and realisation of my dream to work and travel by providing a stable work environment and organising social and skill share events. 1 month in Chiang Mai taught me how to be a great remote worker!

Renato de Leão, HP Alumni

What It Will Cost

Choose the number of weeks you want to want to travel with us. Create your itinerary from one or more trip locations. Pay for the first month upfront, and then pay as you go.

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$ 1500

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$ 2100

6 Weeks

$ 3150


12 Weeks
$ 2000 / 4 Weeks
  • $500/Week
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24 Weeks
$ 1900 / 4 Weeks
  • $475/Week


48 Weeks
$ 1800 / 4 Weeks
  • $450/Week
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