Theme: Startups and Adventure

Florianópolis, Brazil

March 10 – April 27

Want to experience the best beaches Brazil has to offer? Then Florianópolis is the right place for you. We’ll be hiking, surfing, waterfalling, boating, sunning, beaching, and all-out-adventuring our way through our favorite part of Brazil. Not a trip to miss.

This island is also home to a vibrant startup scene. From tech, to design, from ecotourism to music production—Florianópolis has someone for you to network with.

*Secret* Want to know why we’re starting a week late in Florianópolis?

It’s because we’re taking a week to experience Rio Carnival with our HP alumni before heading down. If you want to come with us to South America in 2019 and tack on the HP Rio Carnival experience, let us know!

The Experience

You’ve been dreaming of visiting Brazil for a reason

Undeveloped white sand beaches. Mountain waterfalls. Hikes to hidden beaches. Morning surf runs. Learn why this island is where all the Brazilians go to vacation.

Expedition Highlights

[+] Dance all day at beach-side pool parties
[+] Learn to surf in paradise
[+] Eat fresh chorizo sandwiches on the beach
[+] Hike to hidden beaches
[+] Visit some of the hottest startups in Brazil
[+] Spend a day with a Brazilian shaman
[+] Get that glorious Brazil tan
[+] Spend the night listening to some of the best Samba Roots music in Brazil

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Our Homebase

Private units or a room in the community penthouse

We’ve got some pretty sweet housing ready for you in Lagoa de Conceição. We’ve got single person loft apartments for those who want their own space and then down the road we have a big penthouse for those who want to have some real community living. Wherever you stay, we’ll all be gathering at the pool!

You’ll never be too far from anything. We’re next to the coworking space, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, gyms, bars, the beach—everything you will want.

Our Workspace

Nothing inspires us like an artsy coworking space

A short walk from the housing is our lovely O Sitio coworking space nestled in the hills above the lake. Half art exhibit, half coworking, this space is bound to get your creative juices flowing.

The back patio is a great place to work for an afternoon, stretch in the morning yoga session, or relax at the weekly get together with a local DJ.

All the basics are accounted for—the fastest wifi in the area, multidimensional work spaces, a kitchen, and so much more.

Trip Program

Experience more than just your work

We pack all our trips with an active program of themed events, workshops, cultural excursions and more. 


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Note: Koh Lanta, Florianópolis, Budapest, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo 100 USD cheaper per month.

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$ 2100 / 4 Weeks
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6 months
$ 2000 / 4 Weeks
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1 year
$ 1900 / 4 Weeks
  • $475/Week
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