Theme: Digital Nomadism and Island Life

Koh Lanta, Thailand

February 3 – March 2

Spend a month enjoying one of Thailand’s most desirable tropical islands, in one of the best digital nomad countries in the world. Network with incredible people from around the world who are either just starting out or have been traveling for years.

Pristine beaches, coconut drinks, and sunsets to die for will make all your coworkers jealous during our Skype calls. Learn how to relax and enjoy island life in your free time.

Enjoy Hacker Paradise in, well, paradise.

The Experience

Learn why Thailand is at the top of everyone’s bucket list

Volunteer at the animal shelter. Swim with plankton that glows in the dark. Explore stunning temples. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Thai food made in Thailand.

Expedition Highlights

[+] Sail through the islands on a private boat
[+] Enjoy sunsets from hammocks
[+] Network with other digital nomads
[+] Get that tan on and make your friends in the snow feel some real FOMO
[+] Explore hidden beaches and coves
[+] Stir up them curries at a cooking class
[+] Taste all the goodness at night markets
[+] Learn or watch some Muay Thai
[+] Learn why ‘Thai buckets’ should not be consumed on a work night
[+] Volunteer at the animal welfare center

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Our Homebase

Private rooms close to everything you need

We’ll be staying … wait for it … right on the beach! You’ll have everything you need in these villas and never be too far from the water. We’ll be sandwiched between both the digital nomad and the local communities.

You’ll never be too far from anything—we’re next to the coworking space, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, gyms, bars—everything you will want.

Our Workspace

Get things done in comfort

In Koh Lanta, we’ll be working at world-renowned Koh Hub coworking. With indoor and outdoor work areas, you’ll be able to soak in the island views even while chatting with Gladys from accounting. The pancakes at the café are *not to be missed*.

We live just a short walk from the co working space. All the basics are accounted for—fastest wifi in the area, multidimensional work spaces open 24 hours, cafes, and so much more.

Trip Program

Experience more than just your work

We pack all our trips with an active program of themed events, workshops, cultural excursions and more. 


Choose your own adventure.
Like those '90s books but with more tax write-off options.

Note: Koh Lanta, Florianópolis, Budapest, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo 100 USD cheaper per month.

2 Weeks

$ 1550

4 Weeks

$ 2200

8 Weeks

$ 4300


3 months
$ 2100 / 4 Weeks
  • $525/Week
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6 months
$ 2000 / 4 Weeks
  • $500/Week


1 year
$ 1900 / 4 Weeks
  • $475/Week
Best Value

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Koh Lanta, Thailand

February 3- March 2

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