Theme: High tech and foodies' delight

Taipei, Taiwan

March 3 – April 20

Come where old meets new, cultures merge, and good food reigns supreme. We ain’t talking day old, strip mall chow mein. Get ready to stuff your face with cheap, tasty, and odd food in Taipei. From street food at night markets to weird stuff at themed restaurants, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Taipei boasts 5,000 year old palaces alongside some of the newest tech in the world. We’ll be partnering with local organizations to get to know some of the coolest things in the works.

Come eat some good food and make some awesome networking connections.

The Experience

There’s something so new yet familiar about Taipei

Cheap, tasty eats. Bustling city. Serene parks. High tech built into everyday life. Thousands of years of history and culture still embedded in the city.

Expedition Highlights

[+] Hiking some breathtaking mountains
[+] Lookout from the 2nd tallest building in the world
[+] Eat tasty snacks at the night markets
[+] See some of the coolest emerging tech
[+] Relax in some natural hot springs
[+] Set off some sky lanterns for loved ones
[+] Settle in for some afternoon tea and gossip

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