Frequently Asked


Application Process

I’m so excited! Where do I sign up?

Simply go to the Apply page to enter your details, sign up for a chat with us, and a Hacker Paradise facilitator will be ready to chat with you about joining the Hacker Paradise community.

Chat with us? What’s that for?

We want to gauge whether we’re the right fit for each other. We want to find out what your goals are, professionally and personally; what you’re passionate about; what motivates you; and what kind of person you are.

We also want to make sure that you understand that while Hacker Paradise is a place for people who want to travel and have fun, it is also a program for people to work, grow and develop themselves.

And after the chat?

If we all agree it’s a good fit, you’re officially in! You tell us which trip you want to go on for how long and ask anything you need answering. Bring your laptop, projects, work along with you, as well as an open mind to take in all the fantastic new opportunities!

Are you sure the chat is a necessary part of the process?

Yep, it’s a good test drive for both of us.

Our community is what makes up the heart of Hacker Paradise, and the quick chat is the very first step in forming a comfortable and productive environment for everyone.