Frequently Asked


Emergencies & Safety

What happens if I get ill on my trip?

The facilitators on your trip are around 24/7 to help if there is any emergency that arises. They know the information for location hospitals, pharmacies, etc in case something happens.

In terms of smaller issues, we provide you with resources before the trip so you can go to a pharmacy and buy some medication if you get the sniffles.

What happens in the case of a political disturbance?

First of all, this is most likely not going to happen so you can put that worry back in the box.

If it does happen, we have a system in place for facilitators to work with our on-the-ground partners to identify and execute a solution that keeps everybody safe and in-the-loop.

How does Hacker Paradise deal with natural disasters?

We deal with these as a team and with the safety and comfort of everyone in mind. Once again, our incredible local partners keep us updated on any natural disasters or unforeseen events and advise us the best course of action.

While in Korea, a rather large typhoon passed over. However, our local contacts gave us plenty of notice, we were able to stock up on food, drinks and board games and have a fun night in! No muss, no fuss.

What measures are taken to ensure the working environment is safe?

The safety of all participants is our highest priority. This is a huge part of what our facilitators look for when we’re scouting locations for trips. The environment must be friendly to work and live in, with proper infrastructure and well-planned safety procedures.