Frequently Asked


Facilitators & Community

What kind of behavior is expected?

Hacker Paradise guarantees an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. We want everyone to feel comfortable and respected. We have a code of conduct, which you can find here to get a better idea of the community we are.

If you don’t respect those guidelines, you get booted from the community. As simple as that.

Just who are these facilitators anyway?

Our facilitators are generally people like you–remote workers who found a community and dedicate all their time towards growing that community. They are warm, friendly people here to help everyone get the most out of Hacker Paradise trips.

They organize everything from co-working and co-living spaces to skillshares and social outings. They’re full-time Hacker Paradise employees who are there for you 24/7 if you have any problems you want sorted.

Click on About Us to see the faces behind the names and find out more about us.

The skillshares sound interesting. What topics do they cover?

Skillshares and talks are led by the Hacker Paradise community, so they vary from trip to trip. In the past, we’ve had covered topics like these:

  • An Introduction to Node.js: How to Write More effective Javascript
  • Intellectual Property Law for Entrepreneurs
  • Basic Self Defense using Taekwondo
  • An Introduction and Guide to Bitcoin
  • Drawing Workshops
  • Copywriting and Conversion Killers
  • What is Forensic IT?
  • Learn to Dance Salsa

We hold multiple talks or skillshares every week, both on professional topics and all-around cool topics to learn about. 

I’m an expert on something! Can I share too?

Yes, please! If you’re highly skilled and passionate about a topic you’d like to share, just let one of our facilitators know and they’ll organize a time and place for you to lead an interactive workshop or talk for the group.

Once the trip is over, is that it?

No way! What’s the point of a community you can’t stay in touch with?

When you join a Hacker Paradise trip, you become a part of our alumni network spread out across the world. We stay in touch via our alumni Slack channel where we post jobs, banter about reality tv, and organize meetups all over the world.

What are the benefits of being Hacker Paradise alumni?

Honestly, the alumni network is one of the best perks that no one really understands until after they go on a trip. You are going to meet people who are your people. Knowing these people has a lot of benefits.

Alumni travel together, collaborate on projects, hire each other, and debate endlessly about useless things. People share resources about new cities or cool tech to travel with. They connect you with other people in their network. We’ve even sometimes record and upload our skillshare workshops so you can benefit from it, even if you are not currently on a Hacker Paradise trip.