Frequently Asked


Pricing & Commitment

How long do people stay?

That really depends on you. We’ve had people travel with us for a year and we have other people that come for several months, then go on their own for a bit, then come back to join us for several more months. Other people just come for one trip at a time before figuring out their next trip to join.

We’ve worked out our pricing structure to accommodate this flexibility. The longer you stay, the cheaper the monthly rate is.

Can I do a shorter stay?

Yep. Most of our participants come for at least one location (usually 4-8 weeks) in order to get the most out of the program but you are able to come for 2 weeks if that is all that fits in your schedule.

Can I join the trip at any time or are there certain start or stop dates?

Our recommendation is to come to the entirety of a trip so you can be there for the beginning, middle, and end. Otherwise, it can feel like you’ve left the family party halfway through when there is so many more exciting things to come.

That being said, if you’re only able to come for smaller chunks of time, we do have certain start and stop dates every two weeks from the beginning to the end of the trip.

Everything’s so amazing! Can I extend my trip?

As long as we have space! Our trips tend to fill up quickly so it is recommended you book the whole trip at the beginning to make sure your spot is saved. Same goes for booking your second, third, fourth and all your future Hacker Paradise trips.

If you are trying to extend while already on a trip, talk to one of the facilitators to see what options are available.

How far in advance do I have to pay for my trip?

Generally 2 months in advance. We run out of spots for trips and want to make sure you get a spot before they are all gone!

Can I get a refund if I change my mind after making payments?

Once you have paid, we start making plans for you to join us, which includes making payments for housing and coworking spots that we pay in advance.

As such, if you cancel soon before the trip, we are not able to provide you a full refund directly. If we do, however, find someone to fill your spot, we can push back more of the money to you.

How much does a Hacker Paradise trip cost?

Prices differ from trip to trip and also vary depending on how long you decide to spend traveling. You can generally expect to pay around $2100 USD per month. The longer you stay, the better pricing you can get. 

What if I need to pause or leave my trip early?

If you need to leave come talk to us and we can talk about your scenario specifically. In general, if you have to cancel while you are currently on your trip, we hold enough to cover the costs of the trip and push a refund back to you. We also try to find someone to fill your spot on the trip.

If you are on a long term program and need a break, that is fine. Just let us know in advance and you can take a pause.

Is Hacker Paradise tax deductible?

Many of our participants have been able to claim Hacker Paradise trips as a business expense on their taxes. We recommend you talk to your personal tax accountant to learn more about your specific situation.