Frequently Asked


Work & Productivity

What are the co-working spaces like?

Clean. Close by the apartments. And with fast, consistent, and strong internet.  Co-working space specifics vary from location to location, but one thing that doesn’t change is it’s a place for you to be productive and get shit done.

The coworking spaces we partner with generally have the fastest internet in the city. We pay special attention to make sure the internet is high quality, consistent, and reliable.  Sometimes we find ourselves working with a beach view and other times we’re in the heart of the city. Our co-working spaces have a range of facilities and setups for you to find something that will suit your work style.


Will I have everything I need to work effectively and productively?

Definitely. Work spaces are equipped with everything you need from solid internet (we’re re-emphasising this since everyone asks about it) to spacious setups and loads of power outlets. Another thing we factor in is close proximity to our housing, restaurants, and cafés so we don’t waste precious time commuting.

We’ve had people write about how they are more productive while they are with us. The facilitators are at hand to plan activities and solve problems that arise so you can focus on getting your work done.


Can you find work for me?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide jobs for Hacker Paradise attendees, but we do know some great places to look. Wemote Work, for example, is a free job board for remote workers that has matched people with jobs at Amazon, SalesForce, and Buffer, to name a few. Once you have secured a job, or a personal project to work on, grab a time slot to chat with us so we can figure out where you’ll join us!


What can I work on?

You can work on anything you like! Most people spend their time doing their day job, but you can also work on a side project. You can use the Hacker Paradise community as a sounding board for ideas and improvements and we often have participants collaborate on projects.