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If you join Hacker Paradise on one of their trips, you are not going to want to leave. The experience that they provide is absolutely phenomenal and the community that they surrounded you with is amazing. Even though I knew nobody going into my trip, I was immediately welcomed and everyone was so friendly that I felt like I was already part of the family. I can’t wait to join them again and would recommend HP to any of my friends. “No ragrts”.

Sean Crenshaw, Software Developer & Cuba Libre Specialist


Arrive in your destination relaxed and ready to go knowing that your centrally-located accommodation is waiting for you, with all the features needed to made it your home.


Just a short walk from your accommodations you can get down to business in our carefully selected coworking space that has been optimized for productivity, creativity and laser focus.


Meet your people! The inclusive & progressive community surrounding you has been hand-picked so that you will feel welcomed, engaged and motivated, both professionally and personally.


Your chosen destination has been thoughtfully vetted, ensuring that you can explore safely while taking in authentic cultures, scenery and experiences.

I’ve been on 8 trips with Hacker Paradise, and what really stands out for me is the program organization, participants, diversity, and locations. I’m always impressed by the hard work put in by everyone and the different industries and cultures I get to experience.

Lori Tillery, Developer, CTO, & Professional Badass

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Hacker Paradise is always a great group of people, and I’ve been 8 times I love it so much! I get to explore cities like Ubud, which I wouldn’t normally go to.

Jay Meistrich, Entrepreneur & Nomad Extraordinaire

we apply community to everything we do.

We're passionate, curious, and a little quirky. Our people are important to us. That's why we hand pick every individual in our community.

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