February 4 - March 2, 2024

Gran Canaria,
Canary Islands

A charming island with a Spanish heart and an eclectic pulse — Gran Canaria is the off-beat escape you've been dreaming of.


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February 19

Gran Canaria

Beach day, anyone?

Agaete, our corner of the majestic island that is Gran Canaria, is a picturesque haven of historical sites. Whitewashed houses from 19th Century are perched along the slopes of the valley, as well as breathtaking churches and secret gardens inspired by travel and adventure.

And don’t forget neighboring Puerto de las Nieves, the quaint seaside town that serves only the freshest seafood on the island. Nom! 

Agaete Tamadaba Natural Park
Agaete Iglesia de la Concepcion
Agaete Dedo de Dios
HP Agaete coliving private bedroom
HP Agaete coliving bathroom
HP Agaete coliving shared kitchen
HP Agaete coliving rooftop

Gran Canaria Housing

Just steps from world-class beaches

Mountain AND ocean views. A short 2-min stroll from, not one, but two beaches. A sun-soaked rooftop terrace. Need we say more? This time around we’re staying at El Cabo Coliving, a beautifully unique building designed specifically for peeps like us.

You can expect bright, open rooms, ensuite bathrooms and super fast wifi. You’ll also have access to a fully equipped communal kitchen and outdoor BBQ area. 

Gran Canaria

Work, meet, and collaborate

El Cabo will also be making our coworking dreams come true, with 24/7 access to an onsite coworking space, unlimited freshly ground coffee and a rooftop work area to escape to.

We’ve got everything you need to be productive.

Gran Canaria Highlights

Just a few reasons you'll fall for this destination​


Volcano Hopping

The Canary Islands are themselves a chain of volcanic ocean islands. The last explosion on Gran Canaria left a massive crater — the perfect setting to explore and live out those Indiana Jones fantasies. Then finish your adventure with a glass of vino at one of the local wineries who make good use of the volcanic soil to grow their grapes organically and sustainably.


Mouthwatering Fusion Food

Local Canarian is a rich mixture of native Guanche elements, as well as Spanish, African, and Latin American influences. The cuisine is 1) simple and 2) damn tasty. Freshness is priorotized above anything, which means top quality meats and fish straight from the ocean. You'll also get hearty soups, stews and vegetables. Let's dig in!


Life's a Beach

The beaches on the island are nothing short of world-class, and you best believe you'll be spoiled for choice. Lap up those rays on Las Canteras beach or pull up a sun bed on Playa Grande, where the waters are calm thanks to an offshore lava reef. There are tons of hidden spots too, so make sure to pack more than one swimsuit!


Better Wetter

Drop into a different world, below sea-level, where the marine life glows and dances in the sun streaks. And if snorkeling isn't your thing, stay above the water with a parasailing experience that will get your adrenaline pumping! When it comes to water activities on Gran Canaria, there's really something for everyone.


That Barrio Bustle

The energy felt in the vibrant, colorful barrios of San Nicolas and San Juan is second to none. Perched on the top of a cliff, you'll get to take in panoramic views of the city as you wander the narrow, cobbled streets. These neighborhoods were home to some of the first inhabitants of the island, and are steeped in history.


Canarian Hangs

Gran Canaria provides a wide range of public hangs — a social pastime inherited from the Island's European cousin. Kick it with pals in the ornate plazas, watch live performances to local folk music in Pueblo Canario, the traditional Canarian village, or scope the local hipster scene across vintage shops, cute bars and quirky terraces.

What's Included

Worldwide network of 1,000+ members

goal setting & reciprocity rings

professional development

A weekly lunch On Us

hands-on workshops

Networking events with locals

Private room w/ cleaning

Coworking Space

Local Sim filled with data

1-2 Kickass onsite facilitators

Gran Canaria Pricing

Stay like a local



*All pricing in USD | 1 month = 4 weeks

Want shorter? Want longer?

We’re super flexible. You can travel with us for the amount of time that fits your schedule. Apply now and let us help you customize your travel plans!

The Dream Team

Our troubleshooting, rose-drinking, karaoke-singing, and all-round kick-ass superhero facilitators are destined to become your new BFFs.

Isabelle Dapprich

Community Facilitator

Samantha Stokes

Community Facilitator


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