April 7 - May 4, 2024

Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic

Capital to the Dominican Republic and one of the Caribbean's oldest cities, Santo Domingo is a feast of colonial history, culture and island flavors.


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The City of
Santo Domingo

‘La Capital’

Urban at its core, colonial in its history, Santo Domingo is a chaotic medley of ancient and modern, beach and city, laidback and buzzing. Home to many of the New World firsts, namely the oldest church and oldest surviving European fortress, it wears its history like a badge of honor. And right next to those ancient institutions, you’ll find lively bars, gorgeous art and elegant restaurants. 

The cobblestone streets make it easy to forget that this is a Caribbean island. Right up until you hit the beach, that is. And what a dreamy coastline you’ll encounter when you do…

HP Santo Domingo Housing
HP Santo Domingo Housing
HP Santo Domingo Housing
HP Santo Domingo Housing

Our Housing

Chic and central

We’ll be staying in the old town of Santo Domingo, right in the heart of the action, where you’ll find markets, restaurants and local artisan boutiques. We’re also just a short ride from the most beautiful beaches.

Here we’ll be across three properties, all unique and charming in their own way. The first is a “Colonial Beach House” fitted with private pool, terraces, and a jacuzzi. The next is an art-deco casa with modern finishes, a bright and spacious work space, bar, and tropical garden. And last but not least, an artistic, airy loft, with high ceilings and massive windows!

Santo Domingo

Work it while you werk it

Let’s talk shop! Our coworking space, a leisurely 10-min walk away from our housing, has fast and reliable internet, free coffee, an open floor plan and access to all the neighborhood gems when you need a little break. It’s everything you need to be productive in paradise, 24/7.

HP Santo Domingo Coworking
HP Santo Domingo Coworking
HP Santo Domingo Coworking

Santo Domingo Highlights

Just a few reasons you'll fall for this destination​


Caribbean Splendor

The Dominican Republic's coastline is sun-soaked perfection. From the powdery white sands of Punta Cana to the glimmering waters of Playa Bavaro, it’s straight-up tropical bliss. Whether your beach MO is to get horizontal or to take up some water sports, you’re bound to look back at this as one of the most memorable sandy-footed experiences of your life.


Cave Captivated

Caves are always cool. There’s just something super mysterious about them. But these ones are on a whole different level. Pristine, turquoise pools cradled by natural limestone, reflecting light in the most dreamy way. These ancient chambers are just mesmerizing, revealing a captivating interplay of nature's artistry and human history.


From 100 to Zero

Get that adrenaline pumping with a menu of adventurous options from zip-lining and ATV rides, to surfing and diving. And then in the same day, engage full-relaxation mode on mellow beaches, or get a massage at a local spa. This paradise offers the perfect balance of heart-pounding thrills and tranquil escapes.


Authentic Keepsakes

Love a bargain? How about authentic souvenirs that won’t collect dusk? Santo Domingo's Mercado Modelo is a vibrant local market oozing authentic culture. Spend a morning exploring stalls groaning with handcrafted souvenirs, delicious food, intricate artworks, and traditional Dominican crafts. From colourful textiles to beautiful hand-made jewellery, this place is a treasure trove of unique finds.


Living History

Zona Colonial is a living historical masterpiece. No, really. This UNESCO World Heritage site, is history preserved. Cobblestone streets wind past colonial-era buildings decorated with intricate details, while ancient churches tower above. And don't dare miss the Alcazar de Colón; a former royal residence, showcasing jaw-dropping Spanish Renaissance architecture.


Flavors of the Dominican

Local cuisine is a vibrant fusion of flavours. First, do as the locals do and order "La Bandera," the national dish of rice, beans, and meat, representing the colours of the flag. Next, try the succulent roasted pork, known as "Pernil," and fried plantains, called "Tostones." If fish is more your thing, get into "Sancocho," a hearty seafood stew, and finish off with a treat like "Mangú” (mashed plantains). Yum!



PAcked Program



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Monday LUNCH

Local Sim with data

Santo Domingo Pricing

Stay like a local



*All pricing in USD | 1 month = 4 weeks| Enquire about our Program-Only pricing!

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The Dream Team

Our troubleshooting, rose-drinking, karaoke-singing, and all-round kick-ass superhero facilitators are destined to become your new BFFs.

Isabelle Dapprich

Community Facilitator

Samantha Stokes

Community Facilitator


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