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Join Us In Florianópolis, Brazil

Feb 25 – Apr 7 2018

Known by Brazilians as ‘The Magic Island’, Florianópolis is regarded as one of the best places to live in Brazil. From sun-doused beaches to a bustling nightlife, scenic green parks to a range of sporting activities, there really is something here for everyone.


We’ll be staying in Lagoa da Conceição: the most famous area for tourism, recreation, nature and radical sports. Many expats and Brazilians from other cities choose to live by the lagoon because of its stunning views, safety, nature and quality of life. We have a secured a number of 1-2 bedroom apartments equipped with kitchenettes so that you can come home and relax after a productive day’s work.


Our official coworking partner will be announced very soon, so stay tuned for updates!

What is there to do in Florianópolis?

Florianópolis is the perfect place for people interested in culture, but also for beach and water sports lovers. It is home to some of the best beaches in Brazil, including the famous Praia Mole and Joaquina Beach, and surfers from all over the world come to ride the waves.

A trip to Floripa also isn’t complete without sampling the nightlife. Voted the ‘Party Destination of the Year’ in 2009, there are options throughout the island with bars and beach clubs to suit all tastes. The beach clubs are concentrated in the north of the island, while the Centro and Lagoa da Conceição areas offer bars and clubs with varied music styles. Everybody will find the right place to have a relaxed evening and watch the sunset, or listen to good music and dance all night long.

And if you are planning to be in South America from the start of the year, you would be crazy to miss the world famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival from 9-14 February, ending just 10 days before we arrive. Why not join us in Medellín, head to Rio for the carnival and continue on with us to Florianópolis?

Meet the Florianópolis facilitators

Renata Aquino


Trip Facilitator

Renata co-founded two businesses in Brazil and a social project focused on startups. Passionate about building communities and collaborative environments, she’s been working in this space for eight years before becoming a Trip Leader for Hacker Paradise. She chases summer around the world on a quest to find the best ice cream.




Spencer is the COO and current main trip leader at Hacker Paradise! He has a background in Korean Linguistics and congnitive neuroscience. Before joining us, Spencer taught collegiate Korean, worked briefly at Samsung, spent several years as a project manager at Epic, a Wisconsin-based health-tech company. He has spent 5+ years living, studying, and working abroad.

What’s Included?

  • A tight-knit, intellectual community to accelerate your personal and professional growth
  • Like-minded, passionate people to hang out with outside of work
  • A desk in a dedicated work-space equipped with solid Wi-Fi
  • Social events, talks, workshops, hack days, etc.
  • A private bedroom in Hacker Paradise-dedicated housing near the co-working space (recommended)

Trip Pricing

Florianópolis Program + Housing
2 weeks US $1,500
4 weeks US $2,080
6 weeks US $3,120


Join our international, curated community of 493 people (and counting!) from 51 countries, including Google, SpaceX, Y Combinator, Zapier, Toptal & Peace Corps alumni!

About yourself

Attendee Testimonials From Our Previous Trips

Whitney Perkins

Whitney Perkins

Warning! Hacker Paradise is highly addictive! This program is ideal for people who are striving to pursue success in their career, but also have a passion for traveling, i.e. “my people”.

Renato de Leão

Renato de Leão

Hacker Paradise closed the gap between idea and realisation of my dream to work and travel by providing a stable work environment and organising social and skill share events. 1 month in Chiang Mai taught me how to be a great remote worker!

Lianna Patch

Lianna Patch

I joined HP in Bali last December. Spencer and Dale are dream-team facilitators; we hiked a damn volcano, I was covered in monkeys multiple times, AND I got a ton of work done!

Sibjeet Mahapatra

Sibjeet Mahapatra

I was nervous about balancing productivity and fun while traveling abroad, but the HP community provides a perfect balance of structure and spontaneity. What really makes the whole thing work is the people.