February 13 - 17, 2021

Rio CarnAval

Not Your Grandmother's Garden Party

Stop the press and pull out the bottles of glitter!

Hacker Paradise is returning to the event that is on the top of everybody’s bucket list.

Incredible costumes, 24-hour street parties, millions of people, and an incredible group to experience it with. This unforgettable event is Rio CarnavalHacker Paradise style.

Come join us. No regrets, we promise.

Why Rio Carnaval?

Because you ain't dancing on the street in a sequin bustier in Ohio.

This quintessential once-in-a-lifetime experience is everything you imagine it to be.

Get ready for Burning Man level floats, bronzed samba dancers, energetic music pulsating throughout the entire city, and a whole community of people ready to experience it with you.

Our fearless local facilitators are going to take us around to the best street parties and teach us how to party Carnaval-style. We’re going to the best spots, with all the planning taken care of for you. All you have to do is show up.

The Experience

Unforgettable memories and non-stop fun

You know what you’re getting into and you are here for it! Here are some magic snippets from our Carnaval group last year:

“I live every year hoping I don’t die before Carnaval.” Renata, our fearless leader

“Add an ‘if found, please return to’ tag to my unicorn onesie.” Dani, our costume queen

“What do you mean I only get to be half naked?” Spencer, our Brazilian swimsuit specialist


Trip Highlights

Experience your best life at Carnaval with these included activities

swank hotel living

We’ve rented out an entire block of rooms in a swank hotel in Ipanema, the safest and most fun area in Rio. We have daily buffet breakfast and are steps from the best beach. We even have our own private area with chairs and umbrellas at the beach.

rooftop pools and views

Need a day off? Sip some drinks from our rooftop pool while you take in the incredible views of Rio’s dramatic landscape. From the beach to Christ the Redeemer to the parties going on down on the street, you’ll be able to see it all.

Brazilian welcome meal

Meet the rest of your Hacker Paradise family and get oriented on the week full of activities while you have some traditional Brazilian food. The BBQ meats are incredible and the cheese pastels are not to be missed. 

Daily carnaval blocos (street parties)

With literally hundreds of street parties going on, it would be hard to know where to go yourself. We’ve outlined all the best street parties to go to and will be leading the group every day to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything. Buh-bye, FOMO.

Welcome basket w/ Sim and metro card

You ain’t got time to take care of logistics so we’ve taken care of it for you. We’ve prepared a welcome basket for everyone that has some small costumes, a SIM card, and a metro card so you can focus on getting ready for the street parties.

tickets to carnaval's main event

You can’t come to Carnaval and not watch the world-acclaimed Samba School’s competition held yearly at the Sambódromo. We’ve snagged tickets for our entire group and even booked a private van to get us there so we can focus our time on soaking up the magic.

Our home base

Hotel views, rooftop pools, and private beach areas

We’ll be staying right on the beach in Ipanema, the safest and most luxurious area of the city, known for its surfing and world-class restaurants, shops, and cafes. We’ve got daily buffet breakfast included so you start the day off right before we head out to celebrate.

Did we mention the rooftop pool? Yep. When we’re not out dancing, we’ll be sipping wine poolside.

we've got room options

We’ve got a block of spacious hotel rooms booked for us. You get to decide whether you want your own space in a private room or whether you want to enhance the experience by sharing the room with a friend or two.

More people, more fun.


Join us and see why 75% of our community members keep coming back

We’re fun people, not sales people. Read our FAQs or email us here. You can also call, text, or WhatsApp us at +1 (917) 960-2885 to ask any questions and to confirm your spot.

Priced At $1100*

* This cost is per person for a shared room. Private room starts at 1700 USD. Triple room starts at 1000 USD per person​

What's Included:

  • HP hosts who will guide you through this adventure
  • 4 days of attending Carnaval street parties
  • Daily costume themes so you get the best pictures
  • 4 nights in swank hotel in the best area
  • Rooftop pool and private area on the beach
  • Welcome basket w/ SIM and metro card
  • Daily buffet breakfast
  • Grandstand tickets to watch the official Samba School competition
  • All logistics handled for you
  • A kick-ass group of people to experience it all with

The Dream Team

Troubleshooting, rose-drinking, karaoke-singing, and all-round superheroes, our kick-ass support staff are destined to become your new BFFs.

Sara Magnabosco

Head of Operations

Amanda Espiritu

Community Facilitator

Marketa M.

Community Facilitator

Dani Dirks

Head of Technology

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