August 25 - September 7, 2024

Prague, Czech Republic

In the city of a thousand spires, find inspiration in the culture and history of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.


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Optional Trip Start Dates

Join the fun for 2 weeks up to the full length of the trip starting on any of the following dates

May 15
May 29

This trip is unique...

Hacker Paradise is "BYOBed" - Bring Your Own Bed - in Prague!

This trip to Prague is unique, the first of its kind at Hacker Paradise! Like all of our trips, our adventure in Prague will come with an amazing workspace and structure for our participants to be successful in their jobs.

Unlike our usual trips, accommodations are not provided in the Hacker Paradise BYOBed adventure, allowing for maximum flexibility and our most inclusive trip yet! BYOBed puts you in control, allowing you to select accommodation that matches your personal style, budget, and desire for privacy while Hacker Paradise brings the community and a cultural deep dive like we’ve never done before!

More exciting is that this trip is focused on INCREASED programming, and cultural IMMERSION. The two-week work anywhere experience has been curated for all members of our community to really experience Czechia in meaningful ways, all while deepening the connections between participants. From beer tastings to weekend excursions across Bohemia, this trip is one of a kind!

The City of Prague

A preserved bygone metropolis with a modern spirit

If you’re into dazzling architecture, European history or a top notch brewski, “the City of a Hundred Spires” will take your breath away. 

Stroll through Old Town Square with a mouthful of trdelník, the recently adopted “tradition”, beer-crawl your way through brightly-colored baroque buildings, or tour the millennia-old Gothic churches. As both the cultural and economic centre of the Czech Republic, Prague is alive with heritage as well as innovation. 

World's first pale lager
The National Library
Beautiful Old Town Square

The Incredible 2-week program

This BYOBed experience comes with double the programming, including a weekend excursion included in the price! Take a look at what we have in store for you in Prague!

Week 1

  • Welcome dinner
  • Monday lunch
  • Cultural Dip night (learn about Czech culture, quirky traditions, fun facts, history, etc. & get intro into the language)
  • Potluck dinner, Czech style (we’ll bring typical party food and drinks you won’t find on any classic must-try list)
  • Skillshares

Week 2

  • Monday lunch
  • “Meet the locals” night (let’s mingle, chat, hang, network, however you call it. Get to know your fellow crew, and the locals, first-hand)
  • Beer tasting night
  • Skillshares
  • Goodbye dinner party


Work, meet, and collaborate

Not to worry, we’ve still got your professional needs covered on this adventure!

This time around, we’ll be working from Locus Workspace in Vinohrady.

Here’s what you can expect from our coworking space:

  1. The wifi is fast and reliable.
  2. The space includes a large common area and phone booths to take those calls
  3. Fully equipped kitchenette
  4. Outdoor backyard with BBQ & ping pong table
HP Prague Coworking
HP Prague Coworking
HP Prague Coworking
HP Prague Coworking

Weekend Excursions

This BYOBed experience includes 1 weekend excursion in the price! And for those who want to maximize their time, we have an add-on excursion that can be arranged for the group!

Here are some details about the scheduled adventure(s):


Bohemian Paradise


Hacker Paradise goes to Bohemian Paradise! Let's ditch Prague for a bit and spend Saturday in nature. This full day trip promises hikes among endless sandstone towers, castle ruins, chateaus, pine forests and winding rivers. Leave all of the planning to us. This excursion is included in the BYOB price and comes with lunch, transportation and your local facilitator to lead our intrepid community.

Untitled (1)


$120 ADD ON

If you're not tired after a full day out let's head to Pilsen on Sunday! You might have heard that name before and if it reminds you of the golden foamy goodness of a proper beer, you're right. We'll tour the home of all the world's Pilsners where lager was first coined in 1842. Tasting included, and it'll be the best one you've had. This add-on excursion includes a traditional lunch, brewery & cellar tour, and a semi-guided walk around the city of Pilsen where your very own facilitator lived for 9 years!

Good to Know

Since our coworking space is in Vinohrady, this might be the ideal place for you to book your accommodations! Vinohrady is a trendy residential neighbourhood of Prague, dotted with restaurants, pubs, wineries, cafés, but also a shopping mall within walking distance. It’s also a short 2 metro stops from the city center!

Prague Highlights

Just a few reasons you'll fall for this destination​


History Preserved

Unlike other historic European centers, Prague made its way out of WWII relatively unscathed. Which means today we get to marvel at a diverse and unique range of pristine architecture from yesteryear. We're talking Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, Classicism, Art-Nouveau and so much more. Take a stroll down the narrow, cobbled stoned streets, wander along the Vltava river or get in on an off-path walking tour to immerse yourself in history!


Spa Day, But make it Czech

Karlovy Vary is a spa town in the Bohemian region, 2 hours west of Prague. Yes, we said spa town. This popular attraction, built along the Teplá River, boasts over 300 thermal springs where tourists and locals alike take time to recharge and float their stresses away. And once you're done, get familiar with what locals call the '13th spring': a native Becherovka herb liqueur that is said to bring well-being.


A Bohemian Paradise

A protected natural wonder that could very well be the setting for the most mesmerizing fairytale you've ever imagined. Scattered sandstone pillars, ancient castle ruins, unique rock formations, churches balancing on steep peaks surrounded by lakes and wandering rivers — Bohemian Paradise is exactly what it says it is. So, whether you’re into hiking, rafting, history, climbing, or nature, this UNESCO geopark is a must see corner of the world.


That World-Class Beer

An old Czech proverb that we can really get behind: ‘Where beer is brewed, life is good’. Following that logic, we know that life in Prague is damn near sensational. You'll find tons of breweries, large-scale and craft-focussed, scattered across the region. Czech beer has a fabulous reputation when it comes to quality and flavor — a fact that brings great pride to the Czech people (as it should).


Castle Hopping

When you're done bar hopping, there are always the castles. With over 2000 majestic castles and chateaux to explore across the country, the Czech Republic has more than any other European nation. In fact, you'll find the world's largest ancient castle, right in Prague itself! Can't find us during a work break? We'll probably be here, living out a regal fantasy.


Prague Nightlife

Partial to a good time? Yeah, you are! Prague's nightlife scene is next level. Whatever your vibe is, there's a spot for you; from artisan cocktail bars and quirky live music venues, to cosy pubs in the Old Town and underground dance clubs (one of which is over 100 years old). And the best part: you'll always have someone from the crew to throw some shapes with!


Worldwide network of 1,000+ members

Beer Tasting Night

Welcome Dinner & Goodbye Dinner

weekly lunches and potlucks

Cultural Dip Night

Networking events with locals

Day Trip to Bohemian Paradise

Coworking Space

Local Sim filled with data

1 Kickass onsite facilitator

Prague Pricing

*all pricing in USD

1 month = 4 weeks



per 2 weeks

Want shorter? Want longer?

We’re super flexible. You can travel with us for the amount of time that fits your schedule. Apply now and let us help you customize your travel plans!

Local Facilitator

Our very own Marketa will be facilitating this first-ever BYOBed experience. Born and raised in Czechia, Marketa’s got the lowdown on all things Czech. She’s designed a cultural program of dreams that includes tastings, workshops and weekend excursions to places like Bohemian Paradise and Pilsen.

Marketa Machalkova

Community Facilitator


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