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What's Included

Set Up for Success

We take care of the logistics so you can focus on the good stuff.

Comfy Coliving Accommodation

Stay in comfort with private rooms co-located with your fellow Hacker Paradise-ers.

Being in a cool, local neighbourhood close to cafes, gyms, parks, bars, and grocery stores is guaranteed. The housing is also equipped with good wifi and regular housekeeping.

Productivity-Ready Coworking Space

We find great coworking spaces in some of the world’s best locations with speedy wifi, flexible hours, and an active community of digital nomads.

Plus we’ll give you a SIM card on arrival so you’ll never be without wifi – because second to work comes checking your Insta, and we get that.

Professional Development

Upscale your biz or reframe your career path with our robust program of personal and professional development.
Aren't sure how to take your career remote? Ask us about our resources and advice to help you speak to your boss about taking your job on the road.

Hand-Selected Community

We take time to make sure the people who join Hacker Paradise are the right fit for our community and match with our ethos of collaboration, adventure and inclusiveness.

After a couple of days, you'll be close friends and wonder how you lived without them.

Kick-Ass Full-Time Facilitators

Troubleshooting, rose-drinking, karaoke-singing, all-round superheroes, our kick-ass community facilitators are destined to become your new BFFs. Your source of insider knowledge on every trip, they research, organize, plan, and problem-solve so you aren’t bogged down with the small stuff.

Hacker Paradise for Life

Even when you leave the Hacker Paradise trip, the journey isn’t over. Our alumni community is super-active so post-trip you’ll get access to exclusive travel meetups, alumni deals, job boards and more. Some might say it’s better than Tinder. We wouldn’t argue.

Our Program


Our daily program and weekly events provide an experience you can't get anywhere else.​

Family Style Potlucks

Networking Events

Industry Talks


goal setting

Health & Fitness


Cultural Experiences

Our People Are the Best Part

An Amazing Community Baked In

We hand pick every member to make sure we have the best work and travel community out there.


Hacker Paradise is a consciously diverse, global community united by the same passion and ethos, rather than by industry.

We’re the makers, the experimenters, the creatives, the disruptors, the we’ll-figure-it-out-along-the-wayers. Therefore, we’re pro-equality, pro-love, pro-kindness, pro-inclusivity. 

To keep us honest, we take time to ensure our participants are a good fit for OUR COMMUNITY and our values, which makes for a more supportive and cohesive crew and trip.


Want to meet a SpaceX engineer? We’ve got one.

How about a sex toy creator? We’ve got one of those, too.

There’s no one TYPE OF PERSON who joins Hacker Paradise, but we do have a few traits in common.

One is enthusiasm – for immersing ourselves into a project, boosting our career or embarking on something new.

Another trait all Hacker Paradise-ers share is curiosity – for different environments, perspectives, and cultures. READ OUR MANIFESTO to see if you’ll be a fit.

Community Building & Professional development are kinda our thang.

Join Our 2022 Trips

Get off the 'gram and pack your bags.
Check out our upcoming trips to the world's hottest destinations. ​

Ubud - Bali, Indonesia

July 24 - August 20

Canggu - Bali, Indonesia

August 21 - September 17

Lisbon, Portugal

September 11 - October 22

Kilifi, Kenya

September 25 - October 22

Cape Town, South Africa

October 23 - December 17

Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 23 - December 17