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Break free from a conventional life and embrace adventure with Hacker Paradise. Join us for a whole year, or travel month-by-month.

WARNING: we’re addictive.

Step 1: Apply if you have A Remote Job OR PROJECT

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We don’t provide jobs, just amazing global experiences for those who already have something to do.

Step 2: interview

You meet us and we see if we’re a good fit for each other. Ask us all your questions.

If we all agree it’s a good fit, we’ll send you an acceptance letter the following day.

Welcome to the HP family! 

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Upcoming Expeditions

Medellín, Colombia

January 6 – March 2

Koh Lanta, Thailand

February 3 – March 2

Taipei, Taiwan

March 3 – April 20

Florianópolis, Brazil

March 10 – April 27

Tel Aviv, Israel

April 21 – May 4

Seoul, South Korea

May 12 – July 6

Italy (city TBD)

May 12 – July 6

Budapest, Hungary

July 7 – August 17

Sri Lanka

July 7 – August 17

Tallinn, Estonia

August 18 – August 31

Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 1 – November 2

Lisbon, Portugal

September 1 – September 28

Marrakech, Morocco

September 29 – October 26

Cape Town, South Africa

October 27 – December 21