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We're a diverse group of creatives, engineers, academics, and entrepreneurs who work hard, play hard, and travel the world.

The Hacker Paradise Archetypes

We find that most people who join Hacker Paradise fall into certain categories. Of course, you don’t have to fit into one of these! If you’re an astronaut with a side hustle, or a snake handler with an app to build: we’re here for you too.

Experienced Remote Worker

A lot of Hacker Paradise-ers fall in the bucket of full or part-time remote workers that have traveled extensively on their own. Hacker Paradise allows the remote worker to take a break from solo travel to let someone else deal with the wifi issues.

How we can support you:

  • established remote community
  • logistical support
  • professional development & workshops

The Nomad Newbie

Going remote can be a lot easier than it may appear, and Hacker Paradise can help with a multitude of potential barriers – from structuring the conversation with your employer, handling logistics, and always being ready with a cup of tea (or glass of wine).

How we can support you:

  • donuts and wine
  • onboarding
  • hugs from a super-supportive community
  • employer support

Entrepreneur or Freelancer

Working on a big biz dream? Crafting a consulting career? A lot of Hacker Paradise-ers are doing the same! This ambition and drive to BYOB (be your own boss) are common traits in the Hacker Paradise community, and we think the supportive nature of our crew is the best part of the remote work lifestyle.

How we can support you:

  • solid community
  • peer network
  • professional advice
  • water cooler talk

The One On Sabbatical

On sabbatical from a job and ready to dive into passion project, new idea, or begin that novel? Working on a PhD or research project? We know sitting in your living room or at that same desk in the library is just not going to cut it.  Going remote can provide a huge amount of energy, drive and inspiration. Finish your project and have rad travel experiences at the same time.

How we can support you:

  • inclusive community
  • focused work environment
  • new adventures and inspiration

The One in Transition

We get it – starting over is difficult. Taking the leap to start the career of your dreams takes a lot of courage and work to get going. Instead of sitting at home in your PJs trying to plan your next move as you watch late night infomercials, use Hacker Paradise as a springboard to jump start your new idea and build a global network.

How we can support you:

  • hugs/super-supportive community
  • focused work environment
  • professional development and workshops

The Company, Team, or Group

You’re in it together – whether you’re part of a remote team or you’re coming on trip with your partner and kids, or perhaps you’re two friends about to embark on a mega-app-building spree. We love having groups on trip, and we’re happy to work with you to accommodate your specific needs.

How we can support you:

  • lots of flexibility
  • accommodation support
  • broader community
  • group discount

We Love our Hp-ers

Nice things people have said about us

Remote worker, game developer from Australia

Paul Sztajer

Game Developer, Australia

“I travel with HP mostly because of the community. HP brings together an amazing group of people who bring the travel experience to a whole new level.”

Remote worker and writer from California

Nisha Chatterjee

Writer, USA

“I love the idea of working while traveling, and Hacker Paradise in particular is well organized and has a healthy work-play-explore balance.”

Digital nomad and entrepreneur from Pakistan

Usama Tauqeer

Entrepreneur, Pakistan

“HP is a wholesome program in every regard. From micromanagement to bigger logistical and operational details, the HP team is phenomenal.”

Digital nomad and artist from the UK strolling through rose garden

Ebony-Storm Halladay

Artist, UK

“The HP community is constantly inspiring me. Meeting these open, curious, creative innovators, challenges and encourages me to follow my dreams.”

Digial nomad, researcher, and academic from Finland

Kaisu Koskela

Researcher, Finland

“I love the feeling of reuniting with friends (old and new) in a completely new corner of the world! I love how in HP you can make genuine and lasting connections across cultures, professions, ages, life values, languages, and just in general with people you would probably never meet in your “normal” life.”

Digital nomad writer and growth hacker from the UK on a swing in Cambodia

Maaike Klein

Growth Hacker & Editor, UK

“HP feels like one big extended family of awesome, like-minded people, and there’s always something fun going on to get involved with. If you told me this time last year that I would be midnight skinny-dipping with sparkling plankton on a paradise island in the middle of December, it would have made the rain and snow a lot easier to deal with.”

Co founder of The Things Network from the Netherlands on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Johan Stoking

Founder, Netherlands

“HP helped me broaden my horizon on technology, get out of my comfort zone and work on something new in a new environment, with lots of very interesting new people. I keep coming back, once or twice a year, because HP for me is a great mix of work, social, exploring new places and to escape the cold and dark Dutch winters.”

Digital nomad nurse and fiction writer from California

Michelle Anguiano

Nurse & Fiction Writer, USA

“HP has provided me with life-long friendships, new adventures and crazy stories to share, amazing networking opportunities, and the ability to have weekly educational sessions on interesting and varied topics. I highly appreciate the focus on professional growth and development while maintaining accountability for the projects we’re currently working on.”

Digital nomad software developer from India

Sumukh Shetty

Software Developer, India

“As a backpacker I generally find it hard to travel and work because everyone around you is just exploring. HP solved that problem by taking care of the logistics and providing a curated community of highly motivated digital nomads.”

Remote worker designer from Texas at glaciers in Argentina

Jess Warren

Graphic Designer, USA

“I not only want to travel the world, I also want to grow my global community and refresh my passion for freelancing. I accomplished all of that on my first trip so came back for more!”

Remote worker entrepreneur looks pensively across the ocean

Sib Mahapatra

Entrepreneur & Writer, USA

“I was nervous about balancing productivity and fun while traveling abroad, but the HP community provides a perfect balance of structure and spontaneity. What really makes the whole thing work is the people.”

Remote worker, founder, and entrepreneur from Seattle

Jay Meistrich

Entrepreneur, USA

“Hacker Paradise is always a great group of people, and I’ve been 8 times I love it so much! I get to explore cities like Ubud, which I wouldn’t normally go to.”

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