Show Your team some love

Show your team some love

Working with Hacker Paradise Could Lead To Happier Teams, More Productive Employees, and Better Retention! Proceed With Excitement!

Why Partner With Hacker Paradise?

Hacker Paradise loves working with remote-friendly companies! We offer a number of enterprise solutions to help great companies succeed! We pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of the remote movement, digital nomadism, and the future of work! After all, according to a study by Citrix, 50% of the workforce will be office-free by 2020!

Offer HP Discounts as a Perk or Benefit

The research firm Gartner found that just offering remote work as an employment option increases employee retention by 10%!

But is ‘remote’ enough to keep top talent? Your remote team needs MORE!

Most remote workers look for further professional development through online communities, virtual seminars, and online courses. We help your remote employees get the development they crave!

Hacker Paradise Offers Remote Workers:

  • The ability to work alongside high-profile remote individuals from a variety of industries
  • The ability to work alongside high-profile remote individuals from a variety of industries
  • Weekly expert talks from industry professionals (we’ve had angel investors, human rights lawyers, and HR managers of 200+ employee companies travel and educate with us)
  • Incredible remote industry networking opportunities (7x7 Conference, StartUp Chile, and International Google Campuses)

Sponsor Your Brightest Stars
or Your Whole Team!

Show appreciation to your highest performers, your hardest working team, or your whole crew! We work with companies of all sizes (both remote and office-based) who want to reward their employee(s) with a partially or fully sponsored HP trip! 

Why Should You Pay For Their Trip? 

According to LinkedIn incentive travel in the form of group travel is unlike other reward and recognition programs.  Incentive travel often creates experiences that individuals would be unable to duplicate on their own.

How to offer Incentive travel:

  • Partially sponsor an employee who is excited to contribute to their own development and experience
  • Fully sponsor a set amount of your highest performing individuals to join us annually
  • Send over entire teams with specific growth goals. Our team can then customize coworking accessibility and programming to support your team’s growth!

Bespoke Retreats
& Intensive Programs

Stop Paying Rent and Start Paying For Amazing Experiences! According to PGi & Forbes, letting your team go remote could save you $10,000 per year, per remote employee on real estate alone!
Remote and Dispersed Teams NEED Retreats!
Remote Retreats through Hacker Paradise are completely customizable and developed in conjunction with the business owner or internal coordinator according to the company’s unique needs! Let our seasoned Scouting Team find you the best properties, our Community Team create the most enriching programming, and on-the-ground contacts make sure that your retreat is logistically smooth as a baby’s bum!

Affinity Groups/ Communities/ Private Travel

Do you run a kick-butt online community of digital nomads? Part of a cool group of remotes at your coworking? Running an Alumni Travel Program?

Hacker Paradise works closely with affinity groups to develop travel experiences customized exactly to what they’re looking for. Be it an intensive experience that is fully developed and executed by Hacker Paradise or a helping hand in developing something unforgettable for your group, we’re here to help. 

We work with companies, groups, and individuals to create private and bespoke programming in a number of ways. 

Get in touch to see if our Enterprise Development Team can help! 

Get In Touch & See if our Enterprise Development Team can help