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Latin America

June 17 - July 28

Mexico City, Mexico

Hear the mariachis and sample mezcal at one of the many cantinas. Foodies, art lovers, and history buffs will all find something to love in Mexico’s capital.

July 29 - September 8

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Bury your toes in white sand, sip an umbrella drink and explore the Mayan underworld, gorgeous submerged caverns, and a great night life.

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September 9 - November 3

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not for the faint-hearted, Buenos Aires is buzzing with energy. The city is intense, incredibly creative, charming and knows how to have a good time.

November 4 - December 15

Montevideo, Uruguay

Enjoy third wave coffee in one of South America’s coolest cities while also exploring picturesque beaches, rolling hills, and vineyards of the surrounding area.

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May 20 - June 16

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Yes, the beaches are really as beautiful as you’ve imagined. Learn to dive, go snorkeling, drink out of coconuts and try the full moon party.

June 17 - July 28

Osaka, Japan

Drive as characters in Mario Kart down the road, discover the birthplace of Pikachu, and eat your heart’s content of authentic ramen bowls.

Join Us In 2018

We've got somewhere for everyone. Mix and match locations and travel with us for as little as two weeks up to a full year.

July 29 - September 8

Seoul, South Korea

Discover the cutest cafes, use the world’s fastest internet, learn some taekwondo, and spend the night singing karaoke with your friends.

September 9 - October 20

Kerala, India

Get an ayurvedic massage, learn to cook with Indian spices, and explore the lush green mountains, sweeping waterfalls, and ocean waves.

October 21 - December 15

Canggu & Ubud, Bali

Ready to hit the morning surf and evening yoga? Don’t forget to grab an acai bowl on the way. Or maybe visit the water temples and waterfalls. Live island life to the fullest in Canggu & Ubud.

Europe & Africa

May 20 - June 16

Lesvos, Greece

Infinity pools next to crashing ocean waves, Lesvos combines mountainous beauty, picturesque villages, rich culture, and culinary tradition.

September 9 - October 20

Split, Croatia

Visit Game of Thrones sets in between your days spent on a yacht and exploring wine shops tucked away in cobblestoned alleyways.

October 21 - December 15

Cape Town, South Africa

Thriving art scene, natural wonders, cultural diversity, gastronomic explosion and fascinating history. Oh, and penguins! Cape Town has it all.

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