Hacker Paradise: A Traveling Community for Developers, Designers, and Other Creative Types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have had in the past and our answers to them.

Yes – you can find it here.
By hacker, we mean someone who doesn’t overthink things when jumping into a new idea – someone who favors action over planning and implements new ideas quickly. You don’t have to be a programmer to have a hacker mentality.
No! Our community welcomes anybody whose work is fundamentally creative and is passionate about what they do. If you’re not sure if you’d be a good fit, err on the side of applying or reach out to us and we can talk about your situation.
Our community mainly consists of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs – more than half of our participants have either a formal or self-taught technical background. We also have had architects, writers, photographers, and interesting people from other creative disciplines.
Yep! The minimum stay at Hacker Paradise is two weeks, although we encourage people to come for longer if possible. Priority is given to longer-term stays.
You are free to work on anything you choose. To get the most out of your time at Hacker Paradise we encourage making time for side projects and collaborating with other participants.
A number of past participants were able use their Hacker Paradise invoices to deduct their time at Hacker Paradise as a business expense. That said, please speak with your accountant to be sure.
This varies from location to location. What we can say is that we guarantee single rooms for our participants.
Having access to high-quality, consistent internet access is critical for us to be able to be productive. That’s why we partner with co-working spaces in each city to make sure that everybody in the group has a place to work that will consistently have good Internet.
We work hard during the week so we can relax and go on adventures over the weekend. Many of our activities will be community-driven, but you can expect to find people interested in exercise, yoga, hiking, rock climbing, board games, music, and nightlife.
Yes – we have a “Minimum Viable Paradise” bundle, which is for people who want to take a more DIY approach but still want to participate in the community. This bundle includes a spot at our shared workspace and community participation (events, workshops, community chat, etc).
It is up to you to figure out what you need in terms of visas for each country (most of our participants tend to get tourist visas). Check out VisaHQ for more details.
Unfortunately, no. If you are a developer looking for a way to work and travel, one place to check out is our sponsor, TopTal.

Two other remote job boards to check out include We Work Remotely and Remote OK.
The biggest expenses that go into your Hacker Paradise fee include time to scout and interview participants, facilitator expenses, coworking and all of our events.

If you’re curious about what goes into the cost of the program fee, check out a blog post that Casey wrote about the work and costs involved in a Hacker Paradise trip.
There are a couple of ways to make the trip work with your budget.

Join for longer – on a per-week basis, costs go down the longer you come for.

Share a room – in some of our locations, shared (2-3 person) rooms are available. Just ask.
We don’t book flights for you, but we highly recommend Flystein, a flight-hacking service that we use for booking all our flights internally. They find awesome deals on international flights (we recently got a flight from Taipei -> New York, then New York -> Ho Chi Minh for around $850 USD).