Frequently Asked


The Basics

What is Hacker Paradise?

Hacker Paradise is a community of international remote working professionals that travel the world together for weeks or months at a time. We make remote working fun, fulfilling, and fearless.

Let us help you spend more time doing what you love (working and traveling differently) and spend less time doing what you hate (logistics, planning, building a community from scratch every time you switch locations).

Who can join Hacker Paradise?

Anyone with remote work, a positive attitude, and an adherence to our #noassholes rule is welcome to join us. We’ve had participants of all ages, from 6 continents, some families, some companies, and even a dog travel with us!

Maybe you have a full-time job, or work freelance or spend time building out a passion project. Maybe you just had a crazy life change and are on sabbatical, figuring out your next big thing. As long as you have something to work on during the day, we’d love to have you come work and travel with us.

What is a typical trip like?

We’re big into inclusivity, diversity, and community. We know what it’s like to travel solo and instead, we prefer to work and travel in this group of like-minded professionals who are available for all night game nights, early morning coffee runs before a video call in another timezone, and weekend side trips to a neighboring country.

A typical trip has two facilitators who arrive to the location before you and leave after you to insure check in, coworking, wifi, and check out is a breeze and everything is up to snuff. On trip, they plan weekly activities, post daily schedules of optional events such as Monday weekly lunches, Tuesday night potluck, and Thursday night workshops.

Workshops can be on anything are participants are experts in. We’ve had everything from chair dancing workshops to crypto currency workshops. We also pair participants randomly for a weekly ‘donut buddy’ so they can get to know each other in a one-on-one setting.  Many usually grab coffee or lunch together, but some have gone parasailing or snorkeling together. And we are happy to say after 5 years of business, we have also had our first #donutbuddy wedding! Seriously.

To see and read more about our trips, check out our instagram or professional development page.

What industry is best for remote work?

Engineers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, data scientists, and marketing specialists number among our more common industries, but it doesn’t stop there. Our alumni includes translators, copywriters, a sex toy creator (yes, really) professional hackers, illustrators, and photographers.

From our experience, the tech industry is generally the most open to remote work, but we have a ton of alumni who work in other industries and have made remote work possible for themselves.

We also have partnered with companies to bring entire teams or small companies on trip with us or even as a subsidized perk for an employee. Contact us if this sounds like something your company might be interested in.

What if I have a 9-5 job?

Not a problem at all. There are lots of tools out there to help you do your job remotely. In fact, we made an entire guide on how to pitch your employer to let you work remotely. Feel free to use however you wish.

Most companies understand that remote working isn’t just for freelancers and entrepreneurs anymore, but if there is anything we can do to help your employer feel more comfortable with this, please reach out.

What if I have a different question?

Get in touch! Or better yet, sign up for a chat with us. Our video chats are 15-20 minutes, help put face to names, answer any questions, and help us get to know eachother better to make sure we are the right fit. Some questions are just better asked and answered in person, and might lead to different questions, or seeing you on our next trip!