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Professional development is an integral part of our program.  We want to learn new things, build our own careers, make movement on our projects, become more well-rounded people and share what we know with others along the way. Our community has a wealth of natural skills and talents that they freely share with each other — all included in the Hacker Paradise program. 

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We cover all sorts of topics, from saving the bees to ballet, the basics of good design to writing great copy, and building your own version of Flappy Bird to baking tiramisu.

We’ve invited guest speakers in the past including Leo Widrich, co-founder of buffer; Tavvi Kotka, CIO of Estonia; Matz, creator of the Ruby programming language; and many other knowledgeable people. It’s an incredible experience to be able to chat with and gain first-hand insights from these experts.

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Whether you just have a random idea, are working on a side hustle, or want to collaborate with others, it’s much easier when you’re with a motivated group.

We have regular Side Project nights where people can discuss ideas, give each other advice, and offer to collaborate. We’ve had several projects get off the ground after assistance from other Hacker Paradise members.

Get ready to be fascinated by the things everyone is working on.


share your

No need to suffer through life alone now that you are part of our community. We help each other set and accomplish professional and personal goals every week.

Need help starting a business? Always wanted to learn how to breakdance? Ask it during our Reciprocity Ring and others will volunteer to help you. We’re talking about free advice and help from experts in the field for whatever it is you need.

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Time to reach outside the Hacker Paradise community and integrate with local organizations. Meet people in social and professional settings through regular networking events we have to help you make lasting connections in the specific location. That way you can always come back later on your own and have connections ready to go

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Social Lunches & Potlucks


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Networking Events

Previous Talks and Workshops

Below are just some of the 100's of skill-shares, presentations and learning opportunities that we've had during our trips. It's always a nice mix of technical, professional, reflective, physical and fun.

Debbie Crete Lloyd

Palermo, Italy

Mental Health and Addiction

What’s the difference between regular use and addiction? The word addiction still paints a stereotype of what a person with substance abuse problems looks like. Debbie walked us through the road of addiction sharing her experience as a nurse.


Granada - Nicaragua

Writing for People with Anxiety about Writing

Criticism, perfectionism, deadlines that stop us from even starting. Nathalie shared the routines and strategies she’s created as a professional writer to move past writer’s block and turn natural feelings of anxiety into productive work and creativity.


Medellin - Colombia

The Future of UI Development

From accessibility and ethical accountability, to collaborative design, designers are always looking toward the future. From mechanical, to abstract, buttons, touch, voice, AR/VR, technology is dictating what the next UI will be like.


Medellin, Colombia

Solving Bitcoin’s Scalability Issues

There’s a discussion concerning the limits on the amount of transactions the bitcoin network can process. Attila showed us what are the threats to Bitcoin as well as the misunderstandings of Bitcoin’s scaling problem. A great debate!

Sara Magnabasso

Granada, Nicaragua

Italian Hand Gestures Everyone Should Know

If you think you know Italian hand gestures, think again. Learn how to ask a local for a nice restaurant with good spaghetti, or find out if your friend intends to hook up with that hot stranger in the club – without saying a single word.

Dani Dirks

Mexico City, Mexico

Software Concepts & Productivity Tools

Software Development principles shouldn’t just be applied to code. They’re great guidelines for everyday life. Dani showed us how even non-technical people can use important software principles to design a better and more productive life for themselves.

Dale Johnson

Dale Johnson

Palermo, Italy

Principles of Designing a Logo

From explaining the basic components of a logo, to guiding us with pencil in hand, in just 90 minutes we had logo concepts sketched on paper that would have brand strategists dancing in the streets! Oh, and the beer was pretty good, too…


Medellin - Colombia

3 Storytelling Principles Transferable to Business and Dating

With the confidence of who already gave a TEDx Talk, Liz showed us in a fun way the art of telling powerful stories. Including short stories and behaviors from business to dating, Liz demonstrated a range of effective narrative techniques.


Koh Phangan, Thailand

Set Yourself Free

How to have sufficient wealth to live on without having to depend on income from some form of employment? Brian showed us different ways  to achieve financial independence that do not include winning the lottery, extortion or inheriting a trust fund.


Medellin - Colombia

Strategies for Working Remotely

There is still some push back from management and leadership about working remotely. Stigmas associated with remote work hold strong, especially among people from older generations. Faun presented us with some tips to make working remotely effective for employees and employers.

Buenos Aires


Granada, Nicaragua

How to Sell Like A Ninja

What are the secrets behind a good seller? Whether you’re selling products to customers, ideas to your boss, or yourself to an employer, we’re all in sales. Bjorn showed us the methods he uses to sell anything to anybody even if you’re not in sales.


Floripa, Brazil

Personal Branding

When we talk about personal branding we are referring to establishing and promoting what you stand for. Kristin, who is a singer and writer, showed us the steps for building an awesome personal branding, from social media to regular day-to-day attitude.

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Sneak a peak at some of our favorite talks this past year.

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