Hacker Paradise: A Traveling Community for Developers, Designers, and Other Creative Types.

Professional Development

“Hacker Paradise is ideal for people who are striving to pursue success in their career, and the facilitators do a fantastic job at coordinating and executing both educational and social events.”

Whitney Perkins, HP alumni

Professional development is an integral part of our program. Yep we are going to have fun(!) but we want to learn new things, build our own careers, make movement on our projects, become more well-rounded people and share and share what we know with others along the way.

Our community has a wealth of natural skills and talents that they freely share with each other —all included in the Hacker Paradise program. Here are events we hold, in most cases, every week:

 – Talks

 – Workshops

 – Goal-setting session

 – Social lunch or potluck

 – Networking events and side project nights


“The Crypto Party by Marie was my favorite. Online security is a very important topic that doesn’t get enough attention.”

Asad Zulfahri, HP alumni

We cover all sorts of topics, from saving the bees of the world to learning ballet, from learning basics of good design to writing great copy, from building your own version of Flappy Bird to baking tiramisu.

What can we say—we’re a group with eclectic tastes!

Below are the 40 (yes 40!) skillshares, presentations and learning opportunities that we had during our trip in Palermo, Italy. It was a nice mix of technical, professional, reflective, physical and fun skills.


“It was incredible being surrounded by amazing people, share unforgettable experiences with them, learning fun things like surf or tango, things that I didn’t realize that I’d enjoy.”

Julio López Montalvo, HP alumni

We’ve even invited guest speakers in the past including Leo Widrich, co-founder of buffer; Tavvi Kotka, CIO of Estonia; Matz, creator of the Ruby programming language; and many other knowledgeable people. It’s an incredible experience to be able to chat with and gain first-hand insights from these experts.

Side Projects

Let’s face it—most of us have ideas that we never get around to making a reality. Whether you just have a random idea, are working on a side hustle project, or want to collaborate with others, it’s much easier when you’re with a motivated group.

We have regular Side Project nights where people can discuss ideas, give each other advice, and offer to collaborate. We’ve had several projects get off the ground after assistance from other Hacker Paradise members.

Get ready to be fascinated by the things everyone is working on.

Want a taste?

Below are a few past presentations:

What is a Bitcoin Wallet and How Does it Work? By Felix Glaske





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