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Our Story


Hacker Paradise started off as a side project in 2014. We (Casey & Alexey) had begun to travel, and while the nomad lifestyle was great, we felt we were lacking the intellectual stimulation and support that we’d found in tech communities in NYC, SF, and Tokyo.

Thus, we decided to create the community we were craving! Our first trip was to Costa Rica in September of 2014, and since then we’ve had 483 people join us in places like Vietnam, Bali, Thailand, Estonia, Barcelona, Berlin, Portugal, Tokyo, and Taipei. We’ve grown into a robust community, with alumni hailing from 51 countries around the world.

Why come on a Hacker Paradise trip?

We take care of accommodations, workspace, and community so that you can hop off the plane and immediately be productive. We also put on a number of professional development events, including demo days, hackathons, and meetups with the local tech community.

In the past, some of our guest speakers have included Leo Widrich (co-founder @ Buffer) in Berlin, Taavi Kotka (CIO of Estonia) in Estonia, and Matz (creator of the Ruby programming language) in Japan.

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The Organizers

Casey Rosengren


Casey is one of the founders at Hacker Paradise. Before starting Hacker Paradise, he spent a number of years in the startup scenes in Philadelphia and Tokyo. He is also the founder of the Gopher Gala and of Recess Labs.


Spencer is the COO and current main trip leader at Hacker Paradise! He has a background in Korean Linguistics and congnitive neuroscience. Before joining us, Spencer taught collegiate Korean, worked briefly at Samsung, spent several years as a project manager at Epic, a healthcare tech company. He has spent 7+ years living, studying, and working abroad.


Head of Content
A visualiser by day and doodler by night, Dale lives and breathes creativity. Before joining us his time was spent co-running a branding agency, lecturing software skills and design principles and illustrating for a wide range of clients. He’s tasted the nomad lifestyle before, spending previous summers in Europe and the US.
Renata Aquino


Trip Facilitator
Renata co-founded two businesses in Brazil and a social project focused on startups. Passionate about building communities and collaborative environments, she’s been working in this space for eight years before becoming a Trip Leader for Hacker Paradise. She chases summer around the world on a quest to find the best ice cream.


Head of Technology
Dani Dirks is a software developer, avid adventurer, and purveyor of mischief. Before joining Hacker Paradise, Dani was a full-stack developer by day and a freelance designer by night. In her free time she writes and performs her own music, and is the queen of HP karaoke.
Alexey Komissarouk


Alexey is a tech community organizer and engineer for hire. Exiled from the U.S. by way of visa lottery, he was part of the Hacker Paradise founding team and traveled with us for a year and a half. He is now back in San Francisco working for Opendoor.

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