World's First International Remote Work & Travel Community

World’s First International Remote Work Travel Group

Travel the world. Get work done. Meet epic people.

Since 2014, 512 people (and counting!) from 51 countries have traveled & worked remotely on our trips, including attendees from Google, SpaceX, Y Combinator, Zapier, Toptal & Peace Corps.

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What is Hacker Paradise?

Hacker Paradise is the world’s first international remote work program. We’re a diverse professional community of creators, collaborators, go-getters and friends, and the HP family just keeps getting bigger.

Since 2014, we’ve traveled to over 17 countries, and have over 500 alumni from every corner of the globe.

We organize trips for professionals who want to work remotely OR concentrate on personal projects while travelling.

It’s simple. We take care of all the boring logistics so that you can focus on having the most productive (and fun) travel experience possible.

In-between attending talks from industry leaders, exploring secret beaches and local hotspots, participating in workshops and networking with awesome people from all over the world, you’ll find yourself growing both personally and professionally

What sets us apart?

World’s 1st international work and travel community

Best professional development program

Strongest alumni network

Coolest group of participants (we’re biased)

What do we provide?

Hand-selected community

Great accommodation

Solid wifi & SIM cards

Productivity Ready Workspace

Social and professional events

Kickass full time facilitators

A really cheesy sticker that everyone seems to really love

Attendee Testimonials From Our Previous Trips

Whitney Perkins

Whitney Perkins

Warning! Hacker Paradise is highly addictive! This program is ideal for people who are striving to pursue success in their career, but also have a passion for traveling, i.e. “my people”.

Renato de Leão

Renato de Leão

Hacker Paradise closed the gap between idea and realisation of my dream to work and travel by providing a stable work environment. 1 month in Chiang Mai taught me how to be a great remote worker!

Lianna Patch

Lianna Patch

I joined HP in Bali last December. Spencer and Dale are dream-team facilitators; we hiked a damn volcano, I was covered in monkeys multiple times, AND I got a ton of work done!

Sibjeet Mahapatra

Sibjeet Mahapatra

I was nervous about balancing productivity and fun while traveling abroad, but the HP community provides a perfect balance of structure and spontaneity. What really makes the whole thing work is the people.

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