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Our automated affiliate platform gives you the tools you need to promote to your circles, track your commissions and get paid. It’s super simple and starts with a quick signup. After you’ve been approved, you’ll receive login details and the rest comes down to you!


Have a friend in mind that would love Hacker Paradise? Fill in this form and you both will receive an email with details on what happens next. If they sign up, they get $200 off their first trip, and you get $150 cash back (or a $300 credit on a future trip)!

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Affiliate Program FAQ

Who is eligible to become a Hacker Paradise affiliate?

Affiliate sign-ups are subject to approval. In order to become an official affiliate, please register here or email us at at [email protected]

What are the affilaite rewards?

You’ll get  paid $200 cash every time someone you refer joins their first Hacker Paradise trip, and they’ll get $200 off their first trip too! Payments are made after your referral completes their trip.

Who do I contact with affiliate-related questions?

Reach out to our Community Manager, Sary at [email protected]with you comments or questions.

Is there a limit to the number of people refer or earn cash?

Nope, referrals and earnings are uncapped!

Can I redeem affiliate rewards when a customer signs up for multiple trips?

All rewards apply to customers that are new to Hacker Paradise. As a result, earnings are calculated when a customer takes their first trip with Hacker Paradise, not each time they join a trip.

When will I get my affiliate monetrary rewards?

Affiliate rewards are paid every 3 months to adequately account for participants who completed their trip with Hacker Paradise.

Who is the affiliate program for?

The Hacker Paradise affiliate program is designed for bloggers, content creators, and community leaders who are enthusiastic about remote work and travel. Unlike our referral program, which is aimed at existing participants recommending friends, the affiliate program allows partners to earn commissions by promoting our trips to their audiences. Ideal affiliates are those who can reach a broader external network through their platforms, helping us grow and diversify our community.

If you are a Hacker Paradise Alumni and are interested in our referral program, please visit our referral page HERE.

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