Herding digital nomads, planning events, living the good life

As a Community Facilitator, your job is to make sure the trip runs smoothly and everyone has an awesome time as part of our community. The job requires a deep understanding of who our participants are and what they are looking for.

We’re looking for people who can commit to at least one year of traveling & working with Hacker Paradise. 

Facilitator Main Goals

Cultivate Community: It’s a Facilitator’s job to connect people, keep the community engaged, set the right culture, and make sure Hacker Paradise remains a safe space for everyone to come together and contribute. People that participate in Hacker Paradise trips often end up working together and forging long-lasting bonds.

Support Growth: At Hacker Paradise, we highly value personal and professional growth. The Community Facilitator works to understand the goals of each of our participants and tries to help them achieve those goals during the trip.

Keep things running smoothly: On the trip, there will be the day-to-day of keeping the program running. Part of the Facilitator’s job is to deal with the inevitable hiccups that come up along the way; to ensure that participants have as smooth of an experience as possible.

Facilitator Responsibilities

[+] Set the culture of the group
[+] Manage conflict within the community
[+] Onboard and engage new members of the community
[+] Connect with the local community through events
[+] Cultivate connections between members of the community
[+] Seek feedback from the group and iterate on our processes & structure
[+] Help manage the Hacker Paradise social media
[+] Be an active participant on Slack and at social events

Facilitator Responsibilities

[+] Organize weekly talks, workshops, and lunches
[+] Address Wi-Fi issues
[+] Take care of the projector, the router, and other Hacker Paradise gear
[+] Handle logistics for arrivals and departures & issues for housing and coworking spaces

Facilitator Compensation

The best part about Hacker Paradise for us has been the ability to (1) travel the world and (2) be part of a fantastic community, developing friendships that last far beyond the trips themselves.

In terms of financial compensation, you will receive a salary, as well as travel, accommodation, international health insurance & coworking access, all covered by Hacker Paradise.