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Explore the world. Lead A Community. Make A Difference

We are continuing to grow and are looking to hire new people!

Spend the next year (or more) traveling the world to awesome locations while leading a ragtag crew of developers, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, project managers, and all-around cool people.

What we are Looking For

We are looking for people who love meeting new people, who are not afraid to ask or to give an opinion, but who also know when it’s time to listen. We gotta know what our community wants, so being able to listen is very important.

Experience Counts

Your background is not important, but your experience is essential. We might stalk you on social media to get a sense of who you are outside of just your application you submit to us. We value uncanny superpowers like being nice to people, thinking outside the box, having a high emotional IQ, being communicative, working in groups, being empathetic and not being afraid of change or public speaking.

Embrace Differences

We strive to create a community where everybody feels included and accepted, regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other factors. We do not tolerate prejudices of any kind and we embrace the differences and quirkiness that are in our community. 

What makes Hacker Paradise special?​

We are the longest-running remote work and travel community. Our program is focused on professional and personal development with several events happening every week. You will play an integral part in helping people connect, collaborate, and grow.

We are a more than a group of people. We teach each other, help each other, rely on each other–basically, we become each other’s support structure on the road, even long after a trip is over.

We organize trips and manage community for people who want to have new experiences and get stuff done at the same time. Our program attracts freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, people in transition, and people who simply want dedicated time to focus on a side project.

What's in it for me?

ROLE: Community Manager (Remote)

Bring the Hacker Paradise spirit to our online community.

Community Manager Responsibilities

This is a 1 year contract to permanent role for a Community Manager who will assist Hacker Paradise in launching and managing our member platform. As the community manager, you will play a pivotal role in growing the brand through community activation, content distribution, and igniting participation among members.  You will be building a sense of trust and belonging around the shared experiences of living and working in amazing destinations within a global community. Responsibilities will include:

[+] Engage with users on the platform. Act as the voice of our online community communications and transform the HP-ness into something that can be felt screen-to-screen.
[+] Get to know our community personally to provide a tailored online experience for each member.
[+] Stay-up-to-date with digital technology trends.
[+] Develop and lead editorial calendar and planning for the HP’s hub in partnership with the marketing team, outside agencies, and cross-functional partners.

Community Manager Responsibilities

[+] Develop and manage world-class content that is relevant, innovative, valuable and, most importantly, facilitates conversation and drives collaborations within the community.
[+] Develop an onboarding strategy that not only sees users welcomed onto the platform, but provides them with a meaningful experience from day one.
[+] Respond to comments and user queries in a timely manner.
[+] Monitor and report on feedback and online reviews.
[+] Coordinate with other business units within the organization to ensure brand consistency and that our brand values are reflected.
[+] Develop a robust measurement system to track and evaluate meaningful engagement on the platform.
[+] Participate in team meetings, share ideas and give feedback on product, design, marketing, community messaging, etc.
[+] Put together reports and use data and analysis to back up your recommendations and performance.

Community Manager Requirements

[+] Proven experience as a community manager or similar role for 1+ years
[+] At least 1 previous work experience in the industry
[+] Hands on experience with community digital platforms and/or social media management
[+] Good communication skills in English
[+] Good writing skills

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter explaining why you want to work with us and your availability to [email protected] or click below.


Herding digital nomads, planning events, living the good life

Your job is to make sure the trip runs smoothly and everyone has an awesome time as part of our community. The job requires a deep understanding of who our participants are and what they are looking for.

We’re looking for people who can commit to at least one year of traveling & working with Hacker Paradise. 

Facilitator Main Goals

Cultivate Community: It’s a Facilitator’s job to connect people, keep the community engaged, set the right culture, and make sure Hacker Paradise remains a safe space for everyone to come together and contribute. People that participate in Hacker Paradise trips often end up working together and forging long-lasting bonds.

Support Growth: At Hacker Paradise, we highly value personal and professional growth. The Community Facilitator works to understand the goals of each of our participants and tries to help them achieve those goals during the trip.

Keep things running smoothly: On the trip, there will be the day-to-day of keeping the program running. Part of the Facilitator’s job is to deal with the inevitable hiccups that come up along the way; to ensure that participants have as smooth of an experience as possible.

Facilitator Responsibilities

[+] Set the culture of the group
[+] Manage conflict within the community
[+] Onboard and engage new members of the community
[+] Connect with the local community through events
[+] Cultivate connections between members of the community
[+] Seek feedback from the group and iterate on our processes & structure
[+] Help manage the Hacker Paradise social media
[+] Be an active participant on Slack and at social events

Facilitator Responsibilities

[+] Organize weekly talks, workshops, and lunches
[+] Address Wi-Fi issues
[+] Take care of the projector, the router, and other Hacker Paradise gear
[+] Handle logistics for arrivals and departures & issues for housing and coworking spaces

Facilitator Compensation

The best part about Hacker Paradise for us has been the ability to (1) travel the world and (2) be part of a fantastic community, developing friendships that last far beyond the trips themselves.

In terms of financial compensation, you will receive a salary, as well as travel, accommodation, international health insurance & coworking access, all covered by Hacker Paradise.