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Theme: Social Transformation & Adventure

Cape Town, South Africa

Oct 27 – Dec 21

Find out what is so magical, captivating, and energetic about Cape Town and its people. Warm smiles, incredible food, and new experiences are everywhere. Go to a traditional braai where you can experience all three at once.

Into a little adventure? Kite surf, go on a safari, and see actual penguins on the beach. When you’re ready for a break from the beach, hike up picturesque Table Mountain or one of the many other incredible trails around Cape Town.

Visit the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, see how the country has transformed itself, and learn how they are continuing to address issues from their unique political history.

The Experience

The Urban, Natural and Historical Oasis

From hip downtown coffee shops to mountains, beaches, and safaris galore, join us in Cape Town to experience a balanced combination of urban culture and nature’s sweet relief. Attend a local drum performance, tour South African wine country, and go shark diving.

Plus, experience the art, music, and political history that runs deep throughout South Africa.

Did we mention Cape Town has 72 beaches with some of the most beautiful blue water you’ll ever see?

trip Highlights

[+] Hike up Table Mountain (and take the cable car back down! Bonus points if you time it with sunrise or sunset!)
[+] See the Big 5 animals up close on safari #bucketlist
[+] Learn about the South Africa’s political history at Robben Island
[+] Take a wine tour in Stellenbosch or Franschhoek countryside
[+] Hang with the penguins at Boulder Beach
[+] Network with the organizations continuing to shape the future of South Africa
[+] Visit the southernmost tip of Africa at the Cape of Good Hope
[+] Cage dive with Great Whites
[+] Kite surf in one at one of the world’s best locations
[+] Experience traditional African cuisine with a professional caterer who has become a close friend of Hacker Paradise

Our Homebase

Have the comforts of home while living abroad

We’re in negotiations with housing in a great location next to the coworking space and close to restaurants, bars, parks, gyms, grocery stores, etc. so everything is all lined up for you.

We’ve outgrown staying in hostels and sharing shitty rooms with strangers. With us, you’ll have your own room in nice accommodations with good wifi and the amenities you’ll need to stay healthy, happy, and productive.

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Our Workspace

The best place to Get. Stuff. Done.

Why commute to work when you can take a leisurely stroll down a tree-lined street and stop at your favorite café on the way. We choose to work at coworking spaces within a 15-minute walk to our housing so you can easily make it back and forth. Buh-bye, wasted commute time.

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Trip Program

Experience more than just your work

We pack all our trips with an active program of themed events, workshops, cultural excursions and more. 

What is Included

  • Private Bedroom
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Coworking walking distance from accommodations
  • A local SIM card loaded with data
  • 2 facilitators to handle issues, plan events, and build community
  • Daily programming like a Monday group lunch on us, Tuesday Potluck, Wednesday Workshops, Thursday Talks, as well as goal setting sessions, reciprocity rings, and one off events like dance classes or food tours
  • Access to alumni network of 700+ remote professionals who hire each other, arrange meet ups, and travel together


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8 Weeks

$ 4100


3 months
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