How a month working remotely abroad could be just the change you need
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How a month working remotely abroad could be just the change you need

Before deciding if a month abroad working remotely is right for you, ask yourself the following:

Have you ever added up the time you take commuting 5 days a week?

Or the time spent trying to jumpstart your lack of inspiration to complete a project that was supposed to only take a couple days?

What about workplace fatigue? Or that same run-of-the-mill professional/personal network you could not be more bored of? And then there are those repetitive “social” activities, and the feeling that there has to be something more than this?

The last few are difficult to quantify, but your gut is right. A traditional 9 to 5 is no longer the ideal work/life balance. Half the workforce is going to be remote by 2020. How people work has been rapidly changing, and Hacker Paradise was at the forefront of that trend, as the first remote travel company in the world.

Isolation, decreased productivity, lack of inspiration, workplace fatigue, or a persistent dissatisfaction with the status quo. If these sound like any of your current professional problems, Hacker Paradise might be your solution.


WTF Is Hacker Paradise?

Hacker Paradise is a work and travel program for remote professionals. It was founded by two people who agreed that the traditional working lifestyle wasn’t for them. And they wanted to be around those who felt the same way; those who care deeply about their jobs and professional life, but also want to make the most of their evenings and weekends against an international backdrop.

Since 2014, we’ve chased summer around the globe running 2 concurrent trips of 25-35 international digital nomads all working on their own projects. They manage clients and jobs during the day, and grab beers, watch sunsets, and take cooking or dance classes together at night. Right now we might be in Brazil and Thailand, or Italy and South Korea. There’s always a location that appeals to someone.

We’re All About The Peeps

With Hacker Paradise, you have a built-in community, full of hand-picked people in a screened location so there’s always someone willing to listen to your latest app idea, go on that early morning hike with, or help bounce online dating one-liners off of. Bedrooms are always private, wifi is always strong, and activities are always planned. You bring your work, your laptop, and a friendly, explorative mind, and we bring everything else.

digital nomad community in Bali

Come for 2 weeks or two months, and don’t be surprised if you join us on multiple excursions, 75% of our participants have. Let us do what we do best so you can do the same. And then we can meet by the pool/beach/rooftop for a sunset drink.

Because stepping outside of the monotony of your comfort zone is exactly what you’ve been toying with doing. Leave the repetitive water cooler talk you’re used to at home and trade up for a lively discussion about bitcoin, international cybersecurity, and the best bocadillo near your new coworking space.

If you’ve got this far, you’re ready. Come join us. At least grab a time slot to chat with us and ask any and all questions. You owe yourself that much. Just make it happen.

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